Wednesday, February 18, 2009

crazy fantastic glasses

i wore glasses since i was 10 years old. and i had worn almost every geek style glasses, from the classic blue small oval glasses, big oval purple glasses, white square glasses and now, black square glasses just like mandy moore's. if you think that these glasses' are just glasses, you're wrong.. every glasses have its own unforgettable stories..
the first glasses was the classic small oval blue glasses. one day i was at my cousin's house. we played all afternoon. when my aunt told me that my driver was on his way to picked me up, i realized that my glasses could bent. when i showed my aunt what my glasses could do, it broke to half! me, my aunt, and my cousin were all shocked! and i said to my aunt that it was okay and i was going to buy another glasses. when my aunt said okay, my driver arrived. so, i went home to tell my dad :(.
when i got home, i told my dad about what happened. but, i didn't quiet told him the truth. i told him that i accidentally sat on it. after that, my dad gave me a lecture about not being clumsy and then he told me that he was going somewhere. when my dad got home, he gave me a box. and inside it was a new glasses. it looked the same like the broken glasses. but, the glasses could turn! the lens could turned and it was meant to turn. so it wouldn't broke like the other one :D
at first, no body realized that i changed my glasses. but, as soon as i showed them the turning glasses (oh my God i was such a freak!) they started to know about my new glasses and some of them remembered me as the girl with turning glasses haha.
after a few months, i started to saw blurry and the i checked my eyes again. and that brings us to the next glasses story..
the second glasses was the big oval purple glasses. it was horrible!!!!!!!!! it made looked like betty la fea minus the braces and long curly hair! and at the same time, i just cut my hair short and without fringe! omg, it was disgusting!!!! and most unforgettable part wearing the glasses was my yearbook photo shoot! uuuuuurrrrrrrrrrgghhhh. i was planning to changed the glasses because it was blur again (it's a few months after i changed from the turning glasses). but, because my mom was so busy at that time, we haven't had the time to look for another one. because of that, i went to that photo shoot with that glasses and i was wearing my fave washed out t-shirt and blue jeans and chocolate running shoes. omg you should see how i looked! it was far from tres chic. and the best part was i started to realized that i didn't look good in that glasses. so, i was kinda embarrassed :D
luckily, a few weeks later my mom and me went to look for another glasses. and here is the "AMING" style..
the third glasses was the white square glasses. i bought this glasses because all of my friends said that it would looked good on me because i had a fair skin. so, i looked for a white framed glasses. and i found it. and as soon as i wore that glasses to school, i had a new nickname, AMING. wow, it was really a humiliating nickname because people started to looked closer at me and said , "wow! you really do looked like aming" and then the rest of my friends would laugh and i would pretend to laugh like i didn't care. and another omg moment with this glasses was at my elementary farewell trip. the committee hired a cameraman to shot all of our activities in the trip and also photographer to capture all things. and all of that were being put inside a CD that they gave to all of us with the yearbook as well. it was sooo embarrassing because i was one of the student who was being asked about our opinions about our school and this field trip and that will last forever in that CD oh nooooooooooo.
and now my moment with this glasses in junior high. at the student orientation time, we all had to use crazy outfits and our hair had to be in three ponytails. and back then, i wasn't as feminine as today so when i asked my friends recently about their first impression of me, they said that i looked like a boy and i was a crazy wild girl :D well, i could live with that haha. and the most shocking thing that happened to me while i was wearing this glasses was, a boy said he liked me and he wanted me to be his gf! omg, that was the first boy that had ever said something like that to me. even though i was so excited about this first time :D i didn't liked the boy so i said, "you're a really nice guy but i'm not really that in to you. so can we just be friends?" and fortunately he said okay :D.about 6 months after that, the glasses were blur again and brought me to this new moment..
the fourth glasses is the square big black glasses. and this glasses, i think was the best for me. because at that time, dark framed and big glasses were so in. and i didn't know that until i wore that glasses and looked at a similar one at a fab fashion mag. and the most unforgettable moment with this glasses was when i was chosen as the student body president :D. it was so exciting because many people voted for me and my partner. it was the happiest day of my organization life :p haha. and until today, i still have so much fun with this glasses :)
so, i'm not superstitious or anything, but i think my glasses reminds me of some incredible moment in my life. and that's fantastic because i'm not really good at memorizing :D. and i hope my next glasses, which i hope doesn't look geeky on me and reminds me of bad things, can give me memories about my crazy life :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i wish i could be FATTER

since i was a little girl, i always had a skinny body. i didn't have trouble in eating. infact, i ate like a horse. but, my legs and arms were skinny and i had a tiny waist. weird, right? i didn't do any diets or stuff. it's in my blood. my mom also had the same body type as i did.
now, my body is still skinny. and i still eat like i haven't eat in years. and since i know that i'm too skinny, i start to look for foods that can help me to gain weight. i refuse to use medical thingy because i don't like drinking medicines and i don't think it's save. so, whenever there's an article about weight, i always read it.
but the problem is, articles about weight in magazines or newspaper always talks about how to loose weight, not gain weight. what's with people and losing weight? aren't there people who want to gain their weight??
in my opinion, there are plenty of naturally thin girls in this world. but there are so many articles about how to lose weight. if you write an article about how to keep your body healthy i bet there are plenty of people who buy that mag or newspaper.
so, write more about how to gain weight and if somebody knows how to gain weight, tell me thank you...

gossip girls' carma

when i chat with my friend, D, we always talk about other people. not only our fellow friends, but also our family and teachers. one time, we talk about what is the trickiest question to ask to our friends. we think chat think chat think chat until we find the perfect question : have you ever seen you parents make out? hahaha, we know it's a silly question but, atleast we got to see our friends' reaction when we asked them this.. and there are times when we talked about who do we hate right now. we spill it all but it don't leak to our other friends hahaha. and we also talk about other bunch of crazy and SECRET stuff! and surprisingly it don't leak to our other friends, again! so, it become a habit of us to gossip while we chat and not gossip when we meet in person :D.
but in the past few weeks, we didn't gossip in our chats. we only talked about our memories in the class or wondered about the upcoming field trip. crazy, huh? don't know why, but we just didn't gossip in our chats WITHOUT ANY REASONABLE REASONS we didn't gossip in our chats! wow, i say that words for a couple of time there :D. well, back to the probs, and yeah until now, i'm still confused. why oh why didn't we gossip in our chats anymore? are we turning to a religious girl? or are we silently being punished? because this week, me and D have a lot of bad thing going on. D always gets bad luck. and my body hurts so bad and i have a bad sore mouth that makes me not being able to drink water without feeling any pain in my mouth.
well, maybe it is a sign for us. we have to stop gossiping about each other. i stop talking because every time i talk my mouth hurts. and D is scared because now she's having a bad luck week. but, i still ask my self every time i'm talking. when my sore mouth heals, can i still stop gossiping? and after D's bad luck week has over, will she still stop gossiping? and if we do stop, can we still be gossiped about? and if we don't stop, will carma came to us?
that's the questions that i can't answer until it happens to me...

Friday, February 13, 2009

aarrrrrrggghhhhhhh teachers!

in school, there are always some good teachers and good teachers. most of my friends always talks about the good teachers when asked to say something about our teachers. but now, i'm going to tell you about my annoying teachers...
first, i'm going to tell you about mrs. s. she is and old teacher in my school. she teaches "pkn". and her teaching system is memorizing 15 questions from each chapter. if you never memorize, you will have to write 150 questions. and when we memorize the questions, she seldom pays attention to us. urrrgggggggh, we works hard to memorize all of those tricky questions and she doesn't pay attention?? helloooo??!! don't you appreciate us?? if you don't appreciate us, we don't appreciate you!! uuurrrgggh, what an annoying teacher!!
second, i will tell you about mr.y. although he is super nice, but when he gives us plenty of homework, he never checks it! he only sees if the student do it and then he sign it. oh my God, we look for the hard answers and he don't check it??!! it's like he doesn't appreciate our work. just like mrs. s.
well, these two teachers are the only person that i think about right now. when i have something again, i'll post it and don't forget to read it! love your teachers but remember, you can always criticize your teachers...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the silent fight

there are a group of kids in my school, let's just say their L. and there are also an ex-B class that still sticks together until now. you might wonder what is the connection between this two groups. well, they're silently fighting right now. wonder what's silent fight, read this story and get ready to think hard...
i know this problems from both sides. first, i'll start from L. in two day's we are going on a school trip. most of the L kids, are in A class. the A class' bus is the same as the B class'. the L kids don't want to be in one bus with B class because most of the ex-B class are in there. eventhough one member of L is in that class, they still don't want to be in the same bus as B class. so, they talk one of their close teacher, Mr. X. Here's a few word that i hear when i'm standing beside them, "we don't want to be in the same bus as B class, Mr. X" "Well, you have to talk to Mr. O, kids. It's none of my bussines to change that" "Who chooses the bus anyway? don't they know our enemies?!" "ofcourse they don't know who your enemy is, kids" "well, they should know". after that i left.
after hearing that unpleasant conversation, i go to the elementary building. there, i meet a few of the ex-B class. they all have a very bad faces. so, i ask them what happen. then, they tell me their stories. coincidently, their problems are with L. here's a few words that they tell me, "you know what, i hear L says that we, ex-B class never socialize with other class" "yeah right! how about them? they always hangs out with L kids. and they say we never socialize" and then i say, "oh my God that's horrible" "yeah i know. and do you know what, when S walks pass them, one of them looks at S like she's somekind of enemy or something. urrrggggh!" and then they talks and talk about this until everybody goes home.
this is why i name this blog, the silent fight. it's because they fight without saying a word to each other. they only stab each other's back continuosly.
what do you thiunk about this? which one's right and which one's wrong?

what is sabrina anyway?

hi guys, you might be wondering why is there a blog called sabrina and... sabrina's story is a story that i create. but i'll still be posting my own stories here.. so, don't forget to check it out every day...


Monday, February 9, 2009

sabrina and her best friends

sabrina has three best friends, bridget, julie, and dee-dee. they don't go to franklin junior high, they go to washington high school. i know what you guys think, why is sabrina's best friends high school students? well, i'm going to tell you how they met. here goes..
a few months ago, sabrina moved to a new class in her french course. there were so many new people there. like you all know, she was a social person. so, a few minutes after she went in that class for the first time, she already made some new friends. at first, she wasn't close to bridget and dee-dee. she was close to renee. but a few months later, renee moved to another class. starting there, she first started to be closed to bridget. first, because they both knew julie. julie was bridget's junior high friend and also sabrina's few terms ago french course friend. it was a very small world, wasn't it? and second, because they have a lot of things in common, they have the same love life story and a bunch of any other life stories. so, they became very closed. they started to hang out after french course and talked about each others problems. bridget's problem was about a boy that she liked and sabrina's story was exactly the same! so, they started to find out what else did they have in commom with? after a few weeks, they found out that they both were a leo and they were both the freaky but had many friends type of girl. and so their bff stories continues until now.
after sabrina and bridget were bff's, sabrina started to be closed with dee-dee. they both didn't even know why were they closed at first. but the fact that they were close and probably inseparable, made how they became close seemed unimportant. and this was the unique part, sabrina and dee-dee always fought about the same thing, their amazingly same idol, david archuleta and robert pattinson. they always fought about which one of them would be choosed by both idols. sabrina always said that she's going to marry both, and so did dee-dee. and bridget will always had to be in the middle. the funny thing was eventhough they always fought about that, they'll still laugh about it and then talked about each others problems like nothing had ever happened. and so, sabrina, bridget, and dee-dee was going strong.
the next term, julie, sabrina's old friend and bridget's bff at junior high moved into their class. julie was originally in the saturday course. but for some reason, she moved to the same day as sabrina and bridget, who were already best friends then. and shockingly, julie was put in the same class as sabrina and bridget. you can imagine how excited sabrina and julie was. sabrina hadn't seen julie in months and bridget was just excited that she'll be in the same class as her best friend. when it was the first day, sabrina and bridget was so excited. when julie went into the room, sabrina almost scream like crazy again, luckily, bridget managed to kept sabrina quiet. after they reminisce about the old times, their teacher went into the class room. while the teacher was explaining something, sabrina introduced julie to dee-dee. and, as you've guessed, they all became friends.
now, they all became really close friends. they always tell their problems somewhere, facebook or blog and one of them would always give comments or something like that. but soon, they are all going their seperate ways because all of them are in the last level of their french course. now, they are planning to go hang out together after their final tests. i know that they're going to miss eacho ther a lot. espescially sabrina. because sabrina is the kind of girl who can't just let go of her most lovved ones. but, i know that they will still be bffs eventhough their far away from each other. because they are so close in their hearts...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

sabrina and her crush

you all know sabrina as this bubbly and social person. basically, her social life is perfect. but, not for her love life. she never had a boyfriend in her entire life. she had crushes, but she never had the guts to tell the boy about her feelings. and only one boy has ever tell her about his feelings to her. but, she turned him down because she didn't like that boy. that part was just her past, in present time, she just had a crush in somebody. and it's a disaster! here how the story begins...
it was the first week of a new school year. she was in 8th grade. she sat beside a guy from the next class when she was in 7th grade so, she didn't really know him. a few weeks later, she started to knew the guy. he was in the school band. he was not really that smart, kinda stupid actually. and plus, he was super naughty. but, sabrina suddenly loved the way he was. she started to had a crush on him. like always, she didn't tell anybody about her feelings. she kept it in her heart and locked it away.
shockingly, a rumor started to appear that the guy liked sabrina, too. sabrina was half happy half scared. she loved that there's a rumor about her and her crush, but at the same time scared because she didn't want anybody to knew about her feelings. and she was also scared that the guy didn't like her. so, when people asked her about the rumor she just answered "what the hell are you talking about?!".
move forward to a few months later, she and her friends was playing truth or dare. when the bottle stopped at her, she picked truth. her friends asked her who did she like now?. at first, sabrina didn't want to tell the truth. but, she decided that it was time to took a chance. and there she was, telling her friends that she like the guy. a second after she said that, her friends' face turned shocked. they all screamed like hell and ofcourse, sabrina's heart was beating hard. she was so scared. sheyelled to her friends to shut up and told them that she's not that in to him anymore. it was just a one week crush. and unfortunately, her friends didn't believed her. somehow, they managed to tell the guys about it and the rumor spread until the next class. she was so angry yet relieved that she had overcome her fear of telling that particular story. the rumor kept buzzing for about a week. then, it just vanished like the magician's elephant.
move forward to present time, the rumor has slowly vanish and her feelings to the guy also slowly vanish. you might think that sabrina is the kind of girl that likes to change her mind about boys. but, she's actually not like that. she just realise that the guy is really not good for her. he's very naughty and even got in trouble for putting ink to one of her classmate's chair. and besides, he's really lazy. and that makes sabrina feel that she's been protected by God by not choosing the wrong guy. and that's one of her main reason that she doesn't want to confesses her feelings to the guy that soon, she wants to know the person better. and besides, she's still young. she could look for those kind of stuff later. and now, she's happily single like always and living her life with her beloved friends...