Monday, March 30, 2009

what's next after 11 years of english course?

since i was 2 or 3 years old, i have been in an english course. well, not in one place. i have moved to different english course for about 3 times and now, i have completed the last level of an english course. and i'm very proud of my self because i'm the youngest ever to pass (yaaaaaay). but now, i have a problem, now that i already pass the last level, what will i do now? i want to take the conversation class but i have to be a senior high student (i'm in junior high), and if i want to take the toefl lesson, oh my god that would be beyond my age. so yeah, i'm confused of what i'm going to do after this. actually, i have been thinking of taking other courses or activities but i can't choose between those. so please help me in choosing the right one...

1. french lesson (it's almost the same as english and i think french is soooooo cool)
2. work in a book store (i love books and it'll be so cool to make my own money)
3. work in a day care (i love kids, kids love me)
4. ballet jazz ( iused ti do ballet but then i quit now i wanna start again)
5. design clothes then sell it by telling friends (love to design but i'm not quiet sure if their good)

i really want to buy an slr camera so maybe work is good, by i also need to learn something that i love. so what should i dooooooo?
help me by writing it in comments!!!!!

high waist shorts and t-shirt is so me

high waist shorts and t-shirt
high waist shorts and t-shirt - by daniola on

Saturday, March 28, 2009

little princess turns out to be a little smoker

kate* is a friend of mine. she's so cute, very feminine, and sometimes a bit childish. she has a lot of friends and she's very very cute. but a few days ago, something about her turns me off. when i and my other friends talk about smoking, a friend says that kate is a smoker. i was shocked! call me naive, but i really don't think that she or other teens around my age (13) already smokes! and when i asked her where did she see her smoke, she said she saw it when she was hanging out with kate in the mall. the only thing that i can think about is : shut up shut up shut up i don't believe this! come on, look at her she's so sweet, and almost innocent. i really really really extremely couldn't believe this. so, when i got home, i did some thinking...
1. don't judge a book by it's cover
2. this world has changed, teens starts to act wrong

and i'm also mad at this because :
1. it can damage her health
2. it's not good for the environment because something% of trash is cigarette, and the smoke ruins everything
3. i don't like the smell of it

one last thing to say :
OMG I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SHE'S A SMOKER THAT SWEET INNOCENT FACE OF HERS CAN'T POSSIBLY SMOKE! if kate reads this please, stop. this is not good and you're still young. don't ruin it by smoking

something that i would wear

black rainbow hearts
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simple ethnic batik
simple ethnic batik - by daniola on

Thursday, March 26, 2009

check this out

visit this contains crazy tips, polls, and some other silly fun stuff for girls

Monday, March 23, 2009

wanted : trade mark

okay, as i'm growing up, new hobbies starts to come out. one of them is dressing up. not in a princess gown kind of dressing up, but more like trying new looks or styles. but nowadays, not many teens have a trade mark that can mae them look unique and different but still in trend. so, i'm looking for my trade mark. help me to answer these questions :
1. what's the one thing that you always sees me wearing with anything?
2. do i talk about buying new ones of the no.1 question alot?

submit your answers on comment. and one more thing : i have asked these questions to other people and here's the result : SNEAKERS!
well, i do love wearing sneakers, infact i wear sneakers with anything, even dresses. and i often talks about it is it my trade mark?

the david archuleta tears

i am a huge fan of david archuleta when he's on american idol. and from top 24, i've been dreaming of him winning in the finals. i always scream when he got on stage (a bit crazy cause i watch it at home), and i'm always nervous when ryan seacrest is announcing the save and bottom 3 parts, sounds like i'm a fanatic, right?! well, i kinda am so when he lost, i cried, HARD! i cried like the one who lost is my sister or closest friend, i cried like I am the one who lost! and after they announced david cook as the winner, my mom called, and i cried to her on the phone so hard until my mom said that i'm too crazy about him, well, i do moooooom hahaha. and the tears didn't stop there, the next day, i and my friends cried (again) together because he lost. i know i'm crazy so i tried to be as normal as possible. and luckily, i did it!!! still loving him but not as crazy as the AI season :D

RAN fanatic

rahma, my friend, is a RAN fanatic, especially NINO. one day, when i walk pass her class, every body was in front of the door. then i asked one of my friend, "what's going on?" then she said "rahma, she crying" then i walked pass everybody so i can talk to her..then i asked rahma
"what's wrong?"
"nino, dan..."
"nino who?"
"nino from RAN"
"okay, what about him?"
"he hugged his girlfriend!"
"very romantic daaaaaan huaaaaa"
"oh my God! you're crying over the fact that your idol hugged his gf?"
then i hugged her, stiffly...
a few hours later she had stopped crying. and ofcourse, i teased her (sorry raaaaah) but luckily, she's cool with it. but i'm still confused to hell! hahaha
well, write it just to tell you how much rahma loves nino and if by any chance he reads this, call me :D kidding!!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

musical cousins

me and my cousins are making a band. i'm on vocals, dika on guitar, and trista and janis on keyboards and baking vocal. we still haven't make a name for our little band and we still don't have our own songs haha. we sing other people's song and the most recent song that we practised is i'm yours by jason mraz. don't know why, but our all of my cousins (including the little ones) love this song very much. we sing this song, we joked with this song, we do everything with this song... we're all like musical cousins hahahaha...we're planning to make video's for youtube and, who knows from that little vidoe maybe someday we'll be the now jobros (but ofcourse better :P). pray for us and consider this as an early promotion

6c rocks!

i love my elementary class mates so much. i even love them more than my own sisters. i know i sounded a bit harsh on them, but i really do feel that way. maybe it's because i've been with them for 6 years and we are all in the same class for 6 years. they even know me more then my mom! not that i don't love my mom, it's just i feel more comfortable talking with them then with mom. we're like a rock, aren't we? hahaha... but now, we're all separated. maybe only a few of us go to the same school with each other. few friends move to cibubur, bintaro and others...
luckily, we still manage to keep in touch with each other via phone, text message, and facebook! hahaha..i still have my GNO with my lovely gita and naurra and in 2 weeks we're having a reunion dinner. plus, the reunion date is the same as our friends' birthday so it's a double celebration hahaha! anyway, i'm soooo looking forward for our reunion and i hope everything goes well...

Friday, March 20, 2009

my before and after

before (left), i don't even care about what i wear, i only wore baggy jeans and t-shirt. this picture is taken when i have an elementary farewell trip. i still wore the hideous white glasses and my hair was still short and no fringe.

after (right), i started to care about how i look. even though it's not that girly, i think i look pretty good compared to the left picture :D. this picture is taken when i wanted to go to a presentation test in my english course. i already changed my glasses to black square framed (just like mandy moore's) and my hair is already long with fringe.

my point is, you can change your look without changing anything else. i still like to wear sneakers. in fact, i wear sneakers with dress. so, don't be afraid to experiment cause we're still young :D

LIA besties

(from left) stella, ully, dytha, diana, me... stella, ully, and diana are my best friends and all of them are HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. weird, right?! i met them in my english class and i don't now why but i feel more confortable talking about my problems with them rather with my classmates (sorry guys). and we're so close like we're all in the same ages. we also knew each other very well. now i'm going to tell you a little bit about them.
stella, she has a slight probs with her boyfriend. and her boyfriend happens to be the son of a person i know and that's cool hahahaha
ully, i think she's very cool and pretty. and very smart, too. sometimes i'm jealous of her hahaha she has a probs with the major she's going to, and the probs is she often doubt her self. and that makes her self confidence low but in the end she'll always get it right hahaha
diana, oooh the oldest person in our little circle of friends. she is extremely cute but she's tiny (sorry di...) she's very fun to talk with and also she has fabulous clothes :D big fan of her photos in facebook. and the most fun thing is i have the same celeb crushes as her, david archuleta, chris evans, robert pattinson :D we'll sometimes fight about them but in the end we're going to laugh about it and forget it :D
and now here comes the sad part :
we all are already in the last level of the english course and we'll never get to see each other again. so, the last two days i brought my camera and we photo like supermodel hahaha.. and i hope that photos can reminds of the time we all are together in that class and our journey together...

Monday, March 16, 2009

math oh math

i am not really good in math. in fact, sometimes i flunk math. and now with my hectic schedules and student body and saman thingy, i don't have a time to study even more. and besides, i hate math ALOT. i think it sucks that you have to study math all the time and i hate how people always tells me that math is very good for you and you have to be good at it. oh my God! can math just leave me alone for a sec? i am sick of you always in my face and i hate your numbers! and i also think that math is USELESS because i'm planning to be a performer and the only thing that i gotta do is just sing, dance, and act (damn i love that so much) and i don't see the reason why should i study math until this deep. when will i have to use algebra (your quote nab..)? i'm really not intrested in any occupation that needs math as its first skill. really i mean it. i know that i want to be a performer and that's what i'm going to focus on. just look at my dreams, i'm looking for a scholarship for PERFORMING ARTS and also looking for college scholarship FOR PERFORMING ARTS. and i want to be an actress. not aiming for the fame and fortune, but the oportunity to do what i love the most.
and to top my hate to math : my mom decided to get a MATH TUTOR for me!!!!!! oh my God, i mean, i'm not that desperate to fulfil the passing grade and the tutor takes most of my fun time of that day uuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! i hate it hate it hate it (stomping my feet to the ground as always)!!!! mom says that i have to be above the passing grade and i need help because the final test is in months. come on mom, this sucks! alot. if you read my statement above, i bet you wouldn't even consider to let me off of this prison. you are such a hot headed gosh. think about what i love to do, not what's the best for me. the best for me is doing what i love the most. eventhough i know that education is important, no need to get me a tutor like this. this is too much for me, espescially when the subject is math ofcourse and i'll make a strong statement :


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

stay or walk away

i first met x when we were in 7th grade. we were basically bff. but now, everything had changed. she met some new bffs from the next class and now she left me. i don't mind about her decision, but this what bugs me right now is this story that i'm going to tell you right now...
she and her new bff sometimes fight. and it seems like the victim was always x. she would cried and cried until they got back together. and the problem was always about how x acted. when she cried i always asked her what's wrong and offered to help. in the end she only told me what's the problem but she didn't want any help from me, she came to her other new bff. my heart hurts. i was trying to do something good to her and what did i get? that. i didn't want her to give me anything, i just wanted her to knew that i'll always be there for her and if her friends always hurts her just say something to them. but if i said that to x her new friends will thought that i forced her to not be friends with them again. and i really didn't want anyone to be mad at me. and now this is my dillema :

if i keep staying by her side when she's crying, i'm the one who will be hurt.
but if i leave her, i don't want to see her miserable like that because i know that she has a fragile heart when it comes to this kind of problem.
oh what should i do?