Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's 911 tape

Michael Jackson 911 Tape: "He's Not Breathing...He Needs Help!"

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i pass 8th grade!

i just took my report card this morning and i pass 8th grade! even though i'm in the 9th rank i couldn't care less because i'm just so happy i pass 8th grade because i wasn't in my best mood to study this past year because i've been so focused in dreaming to be the ultimate performer, singin, dancing, acting ugh how much i want those things.
anyway back to the original subject, thank God none of my scores are below the minimum standart although my math score is just so so. by so so, i mean 6 and the minimum standart is 6 huahuahua well, i'm just glad i passed math :D
so, i'll be in the 9th grade in two weeks and so, my goals are study harder so i can get a scholarship to any high school in the world performing arts high school if i may choose, focus on getting the scholarship and less online unimportany stuff that's according to my mom, and try to reach the best score in school. amin
well, wis me luck everybody and let's ope i'm not going to be the old lazy and procrastinator dania ahaha

Saturday, June 20, 2009

smp. yasporbi 2 lulus 100%

jadi tadi tuh sekolah gue baru ngadai wisuda buat yang kelas 9. nah tadi duh yang perempuan pake kebaya yang laki-laki pake jas. karena gue cuma panitia jadi pake batik kamis sekolah -_-

nah tadi gur paduan suara gitu ehem bagus sih ya hahuahua ya terus udah selesai gitu kan pengumuman kelulusan katanya kalo ada tulisannya berarti lulus tapi kalo ertasnya kosong disuruh maju kedepan. eh pas dibuka ada 2 kakak kelas gue yang kertasnya kosong. nangis senewen gitu lah tuh berdua (MEREKA COWO!) udah maju kedepan terus tiba tiba dikasih tau kalo yang kertasnya kosong itu lulus juga! hahuahua jadi sekolah gue taun ini 100% lulus.

abis itu diumumin 10 besar gitu kan keren deh yang menang kak kelas gue math-nya ada yang 10, ahahaha gue aja dapet 8 seneng hehehe terus pokonya tuh yang 10 besar astaga deh ya nilainya masyaallah 10, 9, 8 NGGA ADA YANG 7 ampun deh uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhh bikin iri hahuahua

ya pokoknya congrats buat kakak kelas gue dan semoga bisa masuk sma yang dipinginin

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art

awesome dorm light show

top 5 hot guys (june 2009)

#5 ANTON YELCHIN dia main jadi chekov di star trek yang baru fotonya di teen vogue ganteng banget oh God

#4 ALEX PETTYFER ya Allah di wild child sama stormbreaker kereeeeeeeeen hem apalagi accent British dia tuh ya ngga tau gue tergila gila sama rambutnya itu aaah

#3 CHRIS EVANS aaaaaaaaah dia di push ganteng sekaleeee Camilla Belle minggir lo dia punya gue!

#2 HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN aaaaaaaah ini lebih ganteng lagi

#1 TAYLOR LAUTNER -speechless-

wizards of waverly place the movie trailer

Thursday, June 11, 2009

schools ALMOST out

well, next week's my final exam so tomorrow's the last day of studying in the 8th grade -_- not that's anything wrong being a 9th grader it's just in the 9th grade we'd be studying until our head explodes haha so i hope tomorrow's going to be a very exciting day for all of us :D
speaking about school, lately I've been soooo busy that I often forgot of my school works. i have the singing performance a few weeks ago and i have my dancing performance this weekend and i really enjoy this things because it's art. but i know that if i flunked out of school i wouldn't be able to continue my studies in arts or anything but i really enjoy the performances and stuff. even when i'm sick a few days ago, i didn't go to school but i went to the dance class haha i know it's weird, right?
well, i'm going to wor hard on my school grades and in te 9th grade i'll study as hard as i can and i'll still do my arts thingy hihihi

stay in school (blah) and still do what you L.O.V.E.

Friday, June 5, 2009

speak what's in my mind

okay, i just heard about the ibu prita news and i started to think, will the number of blogger be lessen? or will people who already have blog afraid to write again? for me, it's no big deal because i'm not afraid to speak what's in my mind and i still don't understand the point of a person who's giving opinion and then get arrested. i'm no politicians or anything but i know that arresting that person is a wrong thing to do. if i were her, i would be mad, angry, and frustrated.but i applaud ibu prita for being patient in dealing this problem.

can't write much now ave to go
bye bye