Thursday, July 30, 2009

a strange thing called love

so there's a new guy at my school and he's super handsome wuihi. at first i thought he was going to be the guy who is so handsome then i like him then i just forget about him in a few days. but, i still can't forget about him until now. and when my friend said that he had already added her facebook i was shocked, mad, and other emotions became one. then i calm my self and just talk again with my friends. when i got home, i opened my facebook and checked the friend request. but none are from him. i was dissapointed so i reply walls and do other stuff to distract my mind.
but a few minutes later, i search his name and there was a box that said : respond to request. i immediately opened home and checked my friend request and voila! there it was muahaha i was so happy at that time that i smiled for a whole minute or more ahihi. so i confirmed it and hhhh my day just became better.
and you guys have to know something. whenever i saw a photo of him my hand shakes! and there's a feeling of joy but also scared when i saw his photos. gosh, i never ever experienced this kind of situation before. and i know that i couldn't get him. hello?! he's hot and i'm not. well, a lot of people know me and a lot of people say that i'm popular but i'm not that pretty and i often act like a boy. how can a guy like him like a girl like me? hhh i mean, it's like impossible. he would choose a girl who is pretty. hhh
and oh yeah, i've been trying to forget about him but i just can't! just like david archuleta's song, crush, and i know this crush ain't going away.
well, i hope we can be friends or something like that. or even better, more than friends ahahaha
wish me luck everybody!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh black shoes

monday morning was perfect. i woke up at the perfect time, took a bath at the perfect time, and did everything at the perfect time. but then, something happened. i just remembered that i lost my black shoes. it was a disaster because every monday we had to wear black shoes. i panicked. i didn't want to run five times again. so, i decided to wore mom's old black working shoes -..-
at school, i didn't wear the shoes. i walked to class with only my socks and when the bell rings i wore the shoes hehehe. oh yeah, i also brought my lovely green converse :D
after school, i played with my friends then went home.
at home, don't know why i felt so tired and sleepy. so, i decided to sleep.
when i woke up it was already 5.30!! i was shocked. i was supposed to go to the mall with dad to buy the black shoes. and i know dad didn't like to go shopping and he didn't want to accompany me. luckily, dad was in a good mood today so we went to the supermarket. at the supermarket, they didn't have my size. so, we decided to went to the mall.
at the mall, we found the shoes. but again, they didn't have my size! there was one shoes that fits me perfectly but it was made of corduroy, not canvas. and i didn't like it. but dad says that it didn't matter and it didn't looked any different it you looked at it from a distance. because i didn't want to wore mom's hideous shoes again, i decided to bought it even though i didn't like it and it cost Rp 400.000,-!! omg it's so expensive just for a school shoes. well, dad said that it's okay because i will wear it until i'm in high school so we bought it.
after that, we went home and i study biology wahahaha

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i ♥ emily loizeau

i just heard on the radio that there is a singer named Emily Loizeau. and her song that is on the radio is called sister. the second i heard that song, i fell in love with it. even though it's in french and i completely didn't understand about the song, the melody was catchy and fun. and when i got home, i turn on my computer to download the song. unfortunately, i didn't found the song anywhere. well, there's one site that i found the song but i have to be a member first. and i'm too lazy to do that wahahaha. so i decided to search it in youtube. when i found it, i played it twice hahaha!
well, i guess it's not my night to download emily's sister. gonna search it again next week ahihihi

the ad that made me wanna cry

i was in the car. i'm on my way home from shopping the groceries with mom dad and my two sisters when i suddenly saw an ad on the street side. and the second i read that ad i instantly wanna cry. you wanna know why? it's because the ad says : budi, tetaplah bermain bola. it's 3's ad, the cellphone operator that works with Manchester United.
Manchester United was coming to Indonesia. everybody was very excited for them to come to Indonesia. everything was about Manchester United. then suddenly, there were a bomb. and SNAP! no Manchester United for Indonesia. and i heard that in the contract, MU will still come to Indonesia even if there were earth quake, tsunami, or flood. but they will cancel their trip here if there were terror. and BOOM! the bomb came.
3 was everywhere. they made tv commercials selling their products with MU, advertisements on the radio, street sides, everywhere. one of the tv commercial was a teacher teaches the MU player bahasa Indonesia. the teacher said : ini budi. budi bermain bola. and the MU player imitate the teacher's words. and it was hilarious! and eventhough i wasn't a soccer fan, by seeing that commercial i was looking forward for MU to come.
so, when i read that ad on the street side, i wanted to cry. no kidding!
i can only say, you damn terrorist!

P.S. i didn't bring my camera today so i wasn't able to take a picture of the ad. and there are no pictures of that ad in the internet. so, i will post the picture in the next post or if i already take a picture of it :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

indonesia unite

today, i love twitter so much. wanna know why? because #indonesiaunite is number 1 in the trending topics and joel madden clearly supports indonesia. i've also added a red and white flag under my picture in twitter. i'm so excited. #indonesiaunite even beats HARRY POTTER in trending topics. omg harry potter is like very huge and very popular and #indonesiaunite beats it! it super cool, right?!

here, i'm going to show you some of the tweets about indonesia. enjoy!!

-don't be afraid to go to Indonesia. I'm proud to be Indonesian #indonesiaunite -danijtcha
-Don't be afraid to go to Indonesia, it's a beautiful paradise, and you won't regret your visit. Visit Indonesia 2009 #indonesiaunite -billasekar
you should come to indonesia because indonesia is the coolest country everrr!!!and we love piece B #indonesiaunite -nabilajulian
i love indonesia! #indonesiaunite -styadindaa
I am Indonesian #indonesiaunite -caeshara
Aku cinta Indonesia!♥ #indonesiaunite -guitssh
I ♥ indonesia. Proud to be part of it ;) -lladieska
#indonesiaunite, Jakarta, Indonesia. still in trending topics :D -niisagiraud


Friday, July 17, 2009


this morning i just heard about the bomb in ritz-carlton and j.w. marriott jakarta. when i heard that news i immediately felt paranoid. this is the second time (second time, right?) the j.w. marriott hotel jakarta had been bombed and their security system must be super tough, right? and still there was a bomb there
hhhhh i felt terrible laughing this morning when i still didn't know that there was a bomb. i felt terrible sleeping at home this afternoon while other people cried because they just lost a family member. and i felt terrible writing this because i know i can go down stairs turn on the tv and watch the news about this. grrrrr so many terrible things
according to a friend of mine the bombs are everywhere. malls, cafes, hotels, international schools, embassies, and other places. and this made me more paranoid! gosh, i mean it's like the savest place is home. and i'm not the type who can just stay at home and figure out what to do. yikes!
and the worst part is that my elementary reunion was postponed!!! argh i really wanted to meet them again so bad! and now it's postponed because of the damn bomb. why oh why terrorist did you do this to me?!
so, today is a paranoid day for me and the bomb affect other people in their own way.
i pray for all of the victim's family and i hope there will be no other bombs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ultra cute!

there's one kid in orientation named R and he's ultra cute. love him! his hair is curly and his smile hhhhhhh makes me blush whenever i see those smile. and those eyes gosh! it's just so freaking cute! i think he's flawless ♥


Sunday, July 12, 2009


i wrote on my facebook status that i was sick. and then this guy who i don't know commented : maybe you got the swine flu. i was like omg you jerk you should say get well soon or something ugh i don't even know who he is! and then i deleted his comment ahaha

Saturday, July 11, 2009

fun bali

-bali 5 days no online haha
-trouble with the travel agent so my aunt called them and mock them and ask to change to a nicer hotel near the beach
-moved to a better hotel and enjoy bali
-ride in a cruise ship and it was awesome
-went to lembongan island did water sport there and tried snorkeling for the first time and it was hard hahaha but i enjoyed it
-banana boat ride wasn't that fun because we didn't fall -..-
-went into a submarine
-ride the ATV and i was so noisy huehe
-shop shop shop. but mostly only window shopping -..-
-so many cute guys of course hihi
-my skin got very dark
-waterbom bali was awesome especially boomerang ahaha
-the food in the flight was not that good ahahaha

overall it's awesome

Saturday, July 4, 2009

stuck at home at 4th of july

today is USA's independence day! congrats! while every one in America are going outside to celebrate, me in the other hand is stuck at home. i'm not American or anything it's just that it's sunday here in indonesia so it's supposed to be holiday and i still can't go anywhere because i have to pack. hhhhhh i'm going to bali tomorrow not that i don't like going there it's just i hate to pack! ahaha well, gonna eat my lunch then pack my stuff hhh

Friday, July 3, 2009

oh sandals

i'm going to bali in two days. everything's ready except for one thing : sandals. i DO NO own any sandals. i used to have one but then i got bigger and i gave it to my cousin. and since then, i didin't like to wear sandals so i didn't buy a new one. now, i will go to bali which is a small island and there, there are so mane beaches. i can't go to the beac wearing only shoe shoes and shoes?! and i don't have time tomorrow to buy a new one. i have to pack things until the afternoon and at 4 i have a family thningy. where in the world will i buy a sandal that is affordable yet chic at 7 p.m.?? ughhhhh well, i guess we'll have to see tomorrow. and oh, this is photos of the sandals that i like hihi enjoy :D

ben7 what the hell is that?!

i just opened facebook when i looked at home, a friend just took a living social poll. and one of the question is 'apa acara tv yang paling ngga banget' and there, i saw it, 'BEN7'. i was SHOCKED! hello?! ben7, ben10???? and it's on tpi, fyi. i automatically opened google and searched it. and it turns out that ben7 is a show on tpi that is like ben10. don't believe me, look it up in google. and there is a character that is exactly like heatblast! and one of the episodes omg just like ben10 the part when a rabbit monster comes to life. omg omg omg
why tpi why?! don't you have brains????????hello the ben7 show is hideous, freak, crazy, weird, and just playing stupid! create other shows to attract people to watch your freakin channel. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and i have one question : can you call this plagiarism?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

spontaneous 1st of july 2009

08.00 : woke up
08.30 : breakfast
09.00 : took a bath
09.10 : went to school for orientation meeting
09.20 : arrived at school
11.30 : the meetings over
11.35 : on the way to rizky's house for his birthday
(i can't find his house so my driver had to turn back and look for the left turn again. after we find the turn, we can't find the house)
11.45 : arrived there
12.20 : went to citos with gita, naurra, stefanny, dinto, kiki
12.30 : arrived there
(because i can't be there too long because i need to pick my mom up at kemang i only stay there for a couple of minutes)
(but then some of them wanted to go to kemang so i decided to stay longer hehehe)
13.00 : they decided to go to kemang because there are nothing to do at citos
13.15 : arrived at kemang. meet my mom at sate senayan
(asked my mom if i could stay with my friends and not come to ancol. and she said yes)
13.30 : i decided to stay with the guys while my mom went back home and go to ancol with my sisters and cousins
14.00 : walked to la codefin to eat lunch
14.00 -14.30 : walked around looking for the perfect place to eat
(i know it took a very long time to pick a place. yeah we are the crazy walkers (?))
14.30-16.00 : eat and chat. stefanny left early to go to another party
16.00-18.00 : karaoke haha
(we totally didn't plan this. we got bored and so we decided to do karaoke)
18.00-19.00 : wait to be picked up by gita's driver. rizky left us -_- just me gita naurra dinto
(dinto was so noisy. he wanted to go home. naurra was also noisy. she wanted to drink)
19.30-ish : arrived at my house. wait for naurra to be picked up. watch ppp.
then relaxxxxxxxxxx

starting from rizky's house, it's all unplanned :D