Monday, August 31, 2009

the yucky farewell trip plan!

a few days ago, 2 school committee came into my class and told us about our farewell trip. they told us that we're going to PUNCAK for only ONE NIGHT and we have to pay Rp 1.2 MILLION. it's ridiculous! for 1.2 million we can go to Jogjakarta or someplace else and NOT puncak. and the worst thing was the committee LIED TO US! they told us that they only asked HALF of the students about their opinion and when i asked all of the students, no one have been questioned. well, the daughters of the committee are asked but THAT'S NOT HALF OF THE STUDENTS.
geez, this is our trip and with all due respect, we would like you to discuss the places with us, the students, because no matter how naughty/annoying we are, we still can help you and most importantly, we WANT to be participated in the process of this trip because THIS IS OUR TRIP and you're here to help us make our ideas come true if it's possible. if not, we can just compromise or discuss something else that we both agreed on.
when i showed my mom about the trip, she immediately said : this is too expensive for puncak. and she told me that if i want, she could write a letter to the committee about this situation. and OF COURSE I SAID YES! lol
and today at school, me and my friends were chatting about the trip and all of them said that all of their parents complained about the price and the place. i was so happy that almost all of us wanted to rebel against the committee because i just love to speak what's in my mind and tell other people if i thought something was not right, like in this case.
so wish us luck, everybody!

lazy day oh my...

today at sahur i woke up at 03.30 a.m. then went back to sleep for about 15 minutes then woke up again and eat sahur. i only eat hem wait I FORGOT WHAT I ATE THIS MORNING -___- ugh i hate my brain so much. well, it doesn't matter. after that i changed the channel to e! channel and watched my celebrity home wuihi i love that show so much ♥ after praying subuh i took a bath and changed my clothes to my school uniform. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I TOOK A BATH AT 6-ISH?! haha well, i did that so i didn't have to hair dry my hair, people. hair drying too much isn't good for your hair, an expert in hair said :P anyway, i waited for my sisters to took a bath then we went off to school weeee (yuck).
at school, i chatted with my friends about the YUCKY FAREWELL TRIP that the ibu komite arranged for us (gonna tell you about it in the next post). then the bell rang, we prayed together then went into the class.
then, the laziness began.
every teacher that came into my lovely 9Berisik class were so boring! it's like they thought me and i didn't understand a word that they said because i'm soooooo sleepy that whole day. luckily, there are many teachers who didn't came into my class so i have time to put my head on my table hhhh and today was the first day that i'm too lazy to pray dhuha at school. gosh, it was totally not like me!
when school was over, i immediately called my driver to picked me up at school. i just wanna go home and sleep. when he arrived i went home and slept until 3 o'clock. after that i did ngaji with my teacher and went online to wait for maghrib.
and just recently i remembered that i have an english homework and again, i'm too lazy to do it!
yikes wht happened to me today??

Sunday, August 30, 2009

far away taraweh

this morning when i woke up (well, it's not actually morning because i woke up at 12), mom told me that we're going to break or fast in masjid raya pondok indah with my cousins. i was shocked because why did we have to break our fast at a mosque? i begged to break the fast at pim but mom refused to say yes -..- so i took a bath, picked an outfit then wooosh we left our house.
because my sisters wanted to bought toys, so we went to pim first (it's still 4-ish anyway) and went straight to toys city. they looked and searched for the toys that they wanted for about an hour then we paid it. but, when we were queuing to pay the toys, my mom got a text message from my aunt that said : reserved a restaurant. we're already near pim. my mom was confused because my aunt said we were going to break our fast at the mosque. not at pim. but, my mom was too lazy to call back so we went to sapo tahu oriental (i forgot the name. it's the restaurant besides pronto). we ordered a lot of yummy foods and waited for my aunt and cousins. a few minutes later they arrived and we waited for Maghrib. while waiting, my mom asked my aunt about why did we break our fast here? and my aunt said that she forgot that we were going to break our fast at the mosque -___-
when Maghrib time, i grabbed all of the foods (except the toge ikan asin) and then i ate dinner. TWICE! and then i was still hungry (oh my) so i ordered another sapo tahu. after that we paid and went to the Mosque (ugh) to pray Maghrib, and Taraweh! can you believe it we went to pondok indah just to pray Taraweh? hhh well, and that's not all. after we prayed Maghrib we waited for the adzan that marks Isya time. after that we prayed Isya and waited for the Taraweh to started. when it FINALLY started, they said that there was going to be "ceramah" first then we pray. the "ceramah" was about half hour oh God. me and Trista, my cousin, was bored to death. we didn't even now what was the "ceramah" about. so we went online in my aunt's phone :P when the Taraweh FINALLY started, we prayed. but, the Imam always read long prayers so me and Trista were very tired of standing and waiting.
after that we went to Ranch Market to bought something and went home.
whoa! what a far away taraweh :P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

she shouted my secret!

today at school, we had bimbel. today's bimbel was Indonesian. when all of us finished answering all of the questions, we checked our answers together. didn't know why, but all of the answers were b, c or d. no a's. i really wanted to answer A because i'm just simply bored with b, c and d :P and then i shouted : i want the answer to be a! and as soon as i shouted, my friend named Sarah* shouted : whoa it's Dania's crush's name! and the whole class shouted again. I WAS SOOOO EMBARRASED because the only boy whose name started with A and is single was only one. and that happened to be my crush -___-i looked at my crush and i couldn't really saw his expression because i was behind him. but the friend who was sitting next to him hitted him on the arm. didn't know what that meant but i certainly didn't want it to mean anything.
after school, Sarah apologized to me and everything went back to normal. eventhough this sounds like nothing, it's a something to me because i'm not the kind of girl who is brave to say who my crush is. but i deffinately have no trouble in being friends with him :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

little boots

a few weeks ago i heard a song called new in town by little boots. the second i heard that song, i immediately love it. i like the catchy tunes so much! and then, i heard remedy in MTV. the party-ish tunes rocks! i searched about little boots in Google and here's what i found.
little boots' birth name is Victoria Hesketh. she was born on 4 May 1984 in Blackpool, Lancashire. she can play piano, keyboard, stylophone, and Tenori-on. on the age of 16, she joined Pop Idol but was eliminated at the third round.
After that, she formed an all girl band called Dead Disco and became the lead singer. With the departure from Dead Disco in August 2007, she decided to have a solo career. she started to post herself singing other people's songs on youtube and myspace and work with Greg Kurstin for her debut album Hands. And hit singles and stuff came along with it.
Isn't she like amazing or what? check her out on her myspace page :

Sunday, August 23, 2009

14th party

on the 22nd august 2009 i held my 14th birthday party. we break our fast together in my house. here are few of the photos :D

me, ghassa, nad nadya with my all chocolate birthday cake

gita, naurra, farriza, and ghassa

top : melin, nisa bella, tongky, niken, meutia, nadya (my junior high friends)
bottom : me and ghassa

me, farriza, ghassa, and naurra

nadya hold me because they're going to throw me with eggs and flour -___-

look at my face! gosh...

and this is me after the attack :D

i forgot to take a picture of the amazing foods so sorry. lol

Friday, August 21, 2009

14th birthday!

well, today is my 14th birthday! this year is a very special year because my dad said that when i turn 14, i will be as same as he is. that means he can't ground me as much as last year (well, i know he will still ground me) because 14 is an age of adults. BUT I DON'T FEEL LIKE AN ADULT! hahaha
this morning i woke up at 8.30 because my mom's going to work and she wanted to say happy birthday and good bye. then i tried to slept again but can't because my phone kept ringing -___- i decided to woke up and had my breakfast. in the middle of eating, my phone rang and i picked it up. it turned out that my mom already paid my phone bills so i can use it again. yippie! so i finished my breakfast and then i read all of the birthday text messages and replied them.
after that, i watched TV and until mid day. then, i had my lunch and went upstairs to opened facebook.
when i logged in, all the notifications are about people that wrote on my wall. so i replied them all then tweet and browse things. after that i prepared to went to dance class.
after the dance class, it turned out that tante ayu bought a cake for me and pak Joko, the dance teacher whose birthday is the same as me. so we blew out te candles and ate the cake and went home.
overall, it's a pretty good birthday. tomorrow will be the party and i will tell you on my next post.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

false alarm!

okay today is NOT my birthday. and 3 people already wrote happy birthday on my wall. when i asked them why, the 3 of them said that they didn't pay attention to the day at the birthday at facebook so they think today is my birthday -___- the truth is, my birthday's still tomorrow so,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

full house

after school today, me and a few of my friends went to my house to made a wall magazine for school. we called a cab because my mom said that she brought the car to work. while we were waiting for the cab, one of my friend told her boyfriend to came with us and her boyfriend said okay. well, it's okay with me because both of my parents were at work. so he came with us. and another friend asked her crush to came. i was totally okay with it because only extra two people came. besides, i'm alone at home only me and my sisters and maid haha.
on our way to my house, we saw the boys on the motor cycle WITH MY OTHER FRIENDS! and when we arrived at my house, the 4 boys came. it turned out that they were all going to stay at my house! i was like um, okay will we be able to work on the wall magazine while 4 boys played near us? like you guess, no. we ended up playing with the boys. a few minutes later, i heard somebody on the door and IT WAS MY OTHER FRIENDS! again i was shocked. not that i don't want them here it's just, me and my girls were going to make a school project and how could we made the project if about 15 boys played and joked around at my house? as you've guessed, we didn't made the wall magazine. we played and joked with the boys.
FINALLY, about 10 people left my house to look for some "bubur kacang ijo" so there was about 5 people left. then, 3 other people left to went home. and then there was 2. they stayed a bit longer because they were seeing foot ball players on youtube (i don't get why did they love it so much). after they're bored, they FINALLY left my house. hhhh after that, me and my girls started to make the wall magazine until 3 o'clock :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

can i still get taller?

recently, i felt that i didn't get any taller. and you know that i really want to be taller because of java jazz festival (read my post : tall here short there). and now, my parents know about my obsession with my height. and they teased me! they said stuff like, oh she's not getting taller i didn't see the difference and stuffs like that. i was like stop embarrassing me, you guys! ugh but that didn't work they still teased me :S my mom told me that i can still get taller but i'm really not sure.

i only have one question to ask you :
CAN I STILL GET TALLER?! i'm 14 and i had my first period in the end of 5th grade (about 10 or 11 years old)

ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!

bad times. bad times

hey again! haven't post for a while now. i'm so busy with schools and stuff. well, things didn't go very well for me.
1. the whole school is mad at one person because that particular person trash talk about my school and she's in the 7th grade! now it has ends but i still hate her. sorry *!
2. we, the 9th graders, started "bimbel" and it's kinda boring when you're really not in the mood for it. it's just like school but the teacher explained it more detailed so we're also getting more bored -_-
3. teachers gave us so many homeworks and i'm so tired this past few weeks. don't know why.
4. we started to have daily tests and again, i'm really feeling so tired this past week ugh
5. i like a boy but he's such a bad boy and he doesn't like me back so i'm sad. very sad
6. the boy that i have a crush on, have a crush on my elementary friend yikes!
7. i have to gave my student body president title to my juniors :'( i love being the president yeah!

ugh i hope all of this will end soon so i can be the cheerful me again and have a happy birthday this year :D

Monday, August 3, 2009

i love august!

i have to tell you guys why do i love august so much this year :
1. it's my birthday
2. gita my crazy lovable best friend was celebrating her birthday august
4. this year my birthday will be on the first day of fasting
5. my birthday's on friday and i love friday so much
6. i'm feeling confident this month. don't know why
7. jakarta great sale starts in august!

well, this is lame. SUPER LAME!!
but, i gotta be honest with you. this IS what i feel. i'm not trying to show off to you guys but i just love august so much hihi.

so everyone, enjoy august and may you have good times in this month!