Saturday, January 31, 2009

sabrina and the (not her) gang

sabrina wilson is a 13 years old girl who lives with her parents and two little sisters, tasya and olivia. she goes to school at franklin junior high in 8th grade. people who knows her will say that she's a friendly girl but sometimes she can be pretty emotional. but she's trying to over come it. she is also known for not wanting to join gangs because she wants to be friends with anybody. and with that, her story starts...
in 7th grade, her senior's gang, rosemary, asked her and her other friends to join rosemary. at first, she didn't want to join because she's afraid that she will always had to be with the gang members. but, when her senior's said that eventhough their in rosemary, they still had to hang out with others. because of that "mighty" sentence, she agreed to join.
a few months after she joined, she started to changed her mind about the gang. a few gang members always seem to pushes them to hang out after school or during break time. sabrina didn't really want to hang out with the gang that much because she knew that her other friends would thought that rosemary was just like the other gangs. so, she decided to quit. the funny thing was, a few weeks after she decided to quit, the gang broke up.
but, the trouble wasn't finished.while sabrina hangs out with all friends, the gang lover made another gang called, mischief and put sabrina in it! when she found out, she was devasteted. she didn't know what to do! if she quits, they probably wouldn't want to play with her again and that made her angry. so she was in that gang for about a month. but, she never hangs out with them after school or during lunch.
after a few month, she collected her brave to quit. she would took sacrifice a few of her friends for more friends. but anither funny thing was, the gang asked her f she really wanted to join mischife. they asked her that because she never hangs out with them. so sabrina said it prodly and loud, "no". and the gang said, "okay. now you're out, okay? but we're still frineds, right?" than sabrina answered, "sure, why not?" and then she went bac to her non gang friends and just have fun with each other.
until now, she still doesn't join any gangs and not thinking about to join one either.
and that's sabrina and the (not her) gang

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i'm losing it!

i have to tell you something : i'm a very emotional girl. when i was in elementary school, i had a fight with one of my friends. because i was so angry with her ******* talk, i threw my cell phone at her. unfortunately, it didn't hit her. and then one time i was angry at my maids because they seem like they didn't care about me, i threw every pillow on the sofa to every corner of my house. and the worst part was when i'm mad at my mom. i hung up at her phone calls and then i slam every door that i went through. it makes me look like i'm a spoiled brat, doesn't it?
in 6th grade, i started to realize that i had to control my emotions. so, i was beggining to look for stuff that could lessen the anger in me. thought about happy things, didn't work, took a deep breath, a little bit, and then i found the perfect solution, i created a fist whenever i was angry and imagined that i was punching a bag of sands. and it seriously worked!
now, i'm still using that method. but recently, i started to lose it. whenever i'm angry, i can't remember about the fist. i only think about punching that person in the face or yell at the person and left him/her speechless. i really have to control my self, or i might end up in serious trouble.
just a few hours ago, i was at school. the boys in my class teased me and, like you guess, i started to lose control of my emotions again. i wanna just hit them and yell at them until someone locked me in a room!!
hhhh.. why am i losing it?! it's fine just a few months ago. and now i almost lose it all. what's wrong with me? what did i do wrong? can someone help????!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gone with the wind

you might think this as a review to the film gone with the wind. but this is not a review or anything close to that movie. so here goes nothing...
in school, i'm not the type of girl who likes to tell everybody who do i like right now. not even to my closest friend (i didn't say best friend because i don't have any, haha) or closest family member. so, if i like someone i'll just keep it inside my heart and hope for the boy to give signals or something. pathetic, right?!
well, it's just i don't see the point of telling who do i like if i don't even really really extremely want to date him right now. it's just a casual crush or like my friend just love to say : puppy love (yes, i'm talking about you, ly). but, the thing is, i'm surrounded by people who loves to confess their feelings at boys and then, voila! they're officially gf/bf. and a couple months later they'll broke up and hook up with other guys. and because i'm close to them but i'm totally different, makes them always pushes me and encourages me to have a bf ASAP and have a double date, or triple date, or they just want to see how can i handle the gf/bf things. i was like, come on guys, this is so unimportant and it's just a waste of time and mind. i know that you think i'm talking beyond my age. well, this is me, the freaky girl from planet weirdo, haha.
okay, back to the main thing. but shockingly, i was thinking of looking for one for a couple of weeks. and when i got my common sense back (haha), i was like, oh my God, for a moment there, i was one of those girls! and that thought stays in my mind for about a month. but, as i'm moving on with my life and looking for more important things to think about, it started to fade away and gone from my mind. just like it's gone with the wind. and i love that my mind is now 0,000001 % free from the looking-for-potential-bf thought...

Friday, January 23, 2009

please think about the environment

as i'm writing this blog, i'm thinking about my friends who don't care about the environment. everytime i told them not to throw their trash on the street, they say : "yeah okay i'll put it in the trash bin, whatever" or when they want to throw it on the street and they see me looking at them they'll say : "ooh, there's miss global warming"and then i feel like i'm about to expload because i just want to yell at them for thinking that global warming is not as important as their boyfriends!
oh my God, i love my friends, i admire my friends. but when it comes to this kind of situation, i don't see them as my friends, i see them as my enemy.
what will they do when we got out from junior high and no one in their new school care about the environment? what will this earth be in a few years if they didn't change their mind about this? i really want to change my friends' mind. but i ran out of ideas to make this as easy as possible to tell.
ooh, i wish there's some way that would make my friends realize that they're wrong. if only i have a subject about global warming this semester. i'd probably be excited about the project because i got to show my friends about it.
but, let's go back to reality. i have no subject about that, i can't just ask my teacher to make a subject about it, and i bet my friends wouldn't listen to what i'm saying if it's not in class. i really really wish that i could tell them some how!! i really have noooo idea.
okay, now let's see what have i done to make my friends listen :
1. make a poster about global warming at computer class
2. set an example of putting the trash in the trash bin
3. tell them the things about global warming that i know

i know this is not enough, but at least i try..
well, i'm not going to give up. i'll keep telling my friends and i'll figure out a way to make them listen.
wish me luck..
and don't forget to keep the earth clean your self..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Janika to us came, gives us joy, and left again

It was Wednesday, 4th of July 2007. It was a school holiday. Janika (8) and Julian (5), my cousins, went over to my house and played there. Their older sister, Janis (10), was in the hospital because of dengue fever. We played and played until we were all exhausted. At night, they both went home and i watched tv, and did other stuff until i was sleepy and went to bed. The next morning, i woke up, had my breakfast with my family, and went to my other cousin's house to spend the rest of the day there with my sister's also. About 4 p.m we went home. But my driver and my sister's dropped me off at the hospital because i wanted to give a novel to Janis. When i went in to her room, i saw Janika on the bed next to Janis', unconcious. I asked my uncle and aunt what happened. They say that they checked Janika's blood because she also had the fever and they afraid that she might caught the dengue fever too. After the blood test, she fainted and, now here she is. I stayed there to accompany Janis. About one hour later, 6 p.m, she got worse. They put some sort of pipe thing in to her mouth and suck some blood from there. It was so terrifying! She makes a noise but it's not her talking. At about 6.30 p.m my mom, my other aunt and uncle came. The situation gotten worse. At 8 p.m my mom told me to went home with Julian, he's still 5 or 6 years old back than. So i went home.
At home, i was hoping that she'll be fine and i got to see her tomorrow, healthy. But, at 8.45 p.m, i got a call from my mom. She said that she had passed away. I was shocked! I just played with her yesterday, and now she's gone forever?! I, couldn't say a word until my mom told me to tell this to my other cousin, Bowie. But she told me not to tell Julian right now. So i tell my maids first and then i called my cousin.
Because the hospital was near to my house, and Janika's house was far, so they decided to brought her body there until morning to burried her. About 9 p.m her body came and they put it in. People started coming and praying, talk to my aunts and sort of stuff. Because my aunt used to be a singer and now she's a psychologist, media starts to called to my house and asked if the story was true. I answered all. Because i think of her a lot, i slept at 3 a.m.
The next morning i woke up at 8 a.m and the guest already filled in my house. There are cameras and sort. At about 9 or 10 they washed her and started to closed her. Janis had a permission of going out from the hospital to my house to saw her beloved sister for the last time. Janis, me, and Trista, my other cousin, sat side by side to saw her. We cried so hard until we had to take each others hand tightly. After that, Janis went back to the hospital, and all of us went to the cemetary. There, i saw all ceremony and ofcourse, cried again so hard. After that, all of my cousin and my family went back to my house to prepare the "tahlilan" for Janika.
A few days later, Janis got out from the hospital and stayed at my house for a few days.I write this to tell you how much i love Janika. And how much i miss her. And how she gives me inspiration to write some songs about her. And that song turns out okay. Not like my usual weird sounding songs.
Dear Janika, if you could read this, i really miss you, i really really miss you. Your smile that you always give to all of us when you came in to a place really light us up. Your voice when you sing a whole new world sometimes echoed in my head and motivates me to keep singing.
I change this sentence so it matches my story :
Little Janika to us came, gives us joy, and left again.
( Sophie's World pg. 7)