Sunday, April 26, 2009


eh mulai sekarang gue capek nulis blog pake bahasa inggris udah dehya gue pake bahasa indonesia yang ngga bener aja ya. udah gue mulai
jadi gue ngerasa hidup gue mulai berantakan. nilai turun, kamar ngga keurus, udah ngga pernah nabung, dompet cepet abis dan bla bla bla. kan awalnya gue ngga nyadar gitu kan tapi terus kayaknya ada kedewasaan (ewh) masuk ke gue somehow gue ngga ngerti terus gue jadi pingin ngeberesin keberantakkan gue ini gitu. jadi gue mulai ngurangin beli beli barang gitu susah banget sumpah soalnya gue kalo dompet terisi terus ada barang lucu gue kalap gitu ngga mikir barang itu buat apa terus kalo ngga beli pasti nyesel sampe berminggu minggu gitu ah gue lebay banget tapi kenyataan gitu ya. terus udah niat niat mau beresin kamar ngebuang yang ngga pernah dipake sama yang udah bosen gue pake udah dari awal taun tapi sampe searang ngga gue beresin. ya tapi kamar gue bersih soalnya kan di sapu pel sama mba gue gitu tapi maksud gue semuanya ngga in order gitu terus ngga rapih. soalnya nyokap gue bilang sama mba gue kalo KAMAR GUE DI SAPU PEL SAMA BERESIN TEMPAT TIDUR YANG LAIN BIAR DANIA YANG BERESIN. ewh guenya kan kalo rapih tergantung mood jadi sering berantakan gitu kamar gue ewh terus kalo lo pertama kali masuk ke kamar gue dan ngga liat bratz sama tas-tas gue pasti lo kira ini kamar cowo sumpah berantakan terus ngga organised banget dehya parah. gue aja kadang suka ngerasa jorok tapi ya ngga pernah gue beres beresin huahaha.
terus kalo nilai turun tuh kayanya gara gara gue nemuin sesuatu yang lebih gue suka banget banget daripada sekolah : belajar performing arts. ya terus gue jadi sering nyari nyari sekolah tentang performing arts gitu kan huaaaa yang bagus adanya di USA uang darimana gue sekolah disitu jadi gue sering cari beasiswa siapa kek apa kek yang mau nerima anak yang nilainya biasa biasa aja tapi pingin banget banget extra banget mau belajar seni kayak gitu. ah tapi gue kadang pesimis gitu dehya soalnya kan kebanyakan ngasih beasiswa buat yang nilainya bangus gitu huh benci banget gue ya yaudah tapi tetep semangat gitu deh jadinya gue sering nyanyi nyanyi geje terus nari nari sok sok step up sama sodara gue terus suka berkhayal udah masuk sekolah itu hua seneng
ya pokonya hidup gue lagi berantakan terus pingin gue benerin gitu dehya hua wish me luck

Saturday, April 18, 2009

vintage inspired for ully

my best friend in the whole universe, ully, asked me to create a set on polyvore that really shouts ULLY! so, i create this look with only one thing in mind : VINTAGE hihi hope you like this ully dear!

Friday, April 17, 2009

ITC mangga dua tragedy

i went to ITC mangga dua (one of a shopping place in jakarta) with my friends. i was the one who was the most excited to went there because i was looking for ankle boots heels. i was so positive that i'll find that shoes for a bargain price. so, when we got there we ate lunch first then start our ankle boots heels hunting :D we explore the building from the bottom to the top. we looked at shops with cute dresses, tees, shorts, and other stuffs. but there were no ankle boots the 4th or 5th floor, i started to get mad because all of my friends had buy something they aimed for in the first place, but not, i decided to forget about the heels and looked for another stuff.. eventhough i said that i'll forget about the shoes, i still stopped at every shoe store :D in the end, i only bought The Joker t-shirt (very stretchy and comfy), and Captain America (very cute and very light). in my mind i was like "hell! i went to mangga dua just to buy that t-shirts?!" aaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh i was very mad an dissapointed that i didn't get the shoes. but i turned very happy because when i got home, my aunt too me and my sister's to watch disney on ice :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

short there tall here

my height is about 160 cm. and here, in indonesia, i'm already considered tall in my group of age (13, in august will be 14). and i like being tall. but one day i was attending the java jazz festival and i watched jason mraz. there, there are many people from around indonesia and even from another country. that's where it hit me hard...
i'm like a dwarf there! there are sooooooooo many people even much much much taller than me and that made me angry! don't know why, but i just hate being short like that hahaha.. and i couldn't help my self of being jealous of the taller people. i know that i have to be greatful for my body, but i just couldn't help my self! and also, having a dream of becoming an actress there (hollywood), i'm scared that they are going to underestimate me just because i'm short if i ever make it there. and that really bugs me because i really really really want to make it to hollywood. because of that, i have a new habit, if i heard a petite celebrity, i search them on (internet movie data base) and i'll see their biography. and ofcourse i'll look in the height section, they always put the celebs height hahaha. and seeing the numbers, 160, 168, 185 (????????) really make me want to jump and jump until i'm atleast 165 cm tall. but, when i see the celebs whose height is 155 or less, i feel greatful of my body. but then i'll started thinking that this is just a small part of the celebs and there are many others that are taller. aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh that just make me furious! but now, i'm trying to get rid of this jealousy and be greatful about my body because i realise that there are many other people who are shorter than me and hopefully, someone will recognize my talent not based on my size :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

i wish i wouldn't have to wear uniform to school

in here(indonesia), all students must wear uniforms to school. public school, government school, all the same. but the thing is I HATE WEARING UNIFORMS! it doesn't make me look good (well i'm not that good looking but at least i know what's flattering on me and not the uniform!!!) and i hate wearing the exact same thing and color as other people. my can't we wear what we want?! but ofcourse with rules of clothing. i sure don't want to see my friends wearing a bikin to school (and that would make the boys' head turn in seconds) hahaha. as i'm writing this blog, i start to imagine what would i wear to the first day of school without the uniform. i would want to look good but at the same also appropriate so the school wouldn't cancel the no uniform policy. so i start thinking and thinking and i finally made this set of an appropriate school wear my style ofcourse hahaha. really, i wish i could wear this to school hahaha IN MY DREAMS!!!!!!!
cool school
cool school by daniola featuring Forever21 necklaces

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what should i wear?!

i have an elementary reunion on saturday april 4th 2009. and i really want to look good there because in elementary i was known as the jeans, t-shirt, and sport shoes kinda girl. but since junior high my style had changed. so, i want to show the new me hehehe. all of this outfit is created by me on polyvore...
inspired by alex russo
inspired by alex russo by daniola featuring Nike sneakers
pink black
pink black by daniola featuring Dorothy Perkins bracelets
black rainbow hearts
black rainbow hearts by daniola featuring Forever21 hair accessories