Friday, December 31, 2010

end of 2010

2010 was a one hell of a roller coaster ride of life. I experienced a lot of the best days of my life but also a lot of the worst days of my life this year. I graduate from my ever beloved middle school and went to one of the most prestigious high school in Jakarta that I often hate. I met loads of awesome new friends and experienced the full of drama high school story and got my first boyfriend that ended almost soap opera like.
My life turned 180 degrees and I often felt like a big ass loser but then I realized that the only loser in the world is the person who thinks they're a loser so I got back up and live on.
I learned a lot in 2010 that I don't have to sell my soul to be somebody and I'm glad I didn't. I am a somebody because I believe I am.
Goodbye, 2010. You've been a pain in the ass a lot of times but you make me learn a lot of things and for that, I thank you.

Monday, December 27, 2010

soccer controversies

Today, there are a lot of problems in the soccer world in Indonesia such as the ticket controversy and the alleged laser using. In my opinion, people who organized the ticket selling are incompetent and who vandalized the stadium are immature and the one who used the laser (IF this is true) is a moron and people who wanted to start a war because Malaysia allegedly cheated are also morons.
Basically I think both sides are wrong and both of us should help each other to make both sides better.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

thin fingers

I went to the mall with my mom and sisters today and found this stall of accessories. My mom tried on watches and as usual bracelets, necklaces, and rings grabbed my attention. I rummaged around the stall and found these very cute owl rings. As I tried them all, I realized that I have very thin fingers. None of the rings fit me. They were all just simply too big.
I asked the seller if she had rings with smaller diameter and she said no but there are 2 owl rings that can be adjusted. I asked the seller to adjust those 2 rings so I could try them on and see how it looked on me. When the seller was done I tried them all but it still felt too big so I asked her to adjust it again. I was as shocked as the seller because I weren't aware that my fingers were THAT thin! So after the seller adjusted the rings for the 2nd time, I tried it on and both of them fits me perfectly. So I have to options but the ring that I really want which is a ring with an owl's head on it was (of course) too big and it couldn't be adjusted. So I decided to pick 1 of the 2 rings that fits me (and not to mention very cute) and here it is!

P.S. This is the first ring I bought in years. I think I'm gonna look for other rings more often after this although I know it'd be hard T_T Oh well.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dear mom

You're weird, you're different from other moms, and you're very corny.

You love the outdoors, you like to wear shorts, and you enjoy doing sports.

You hate cockroaches, you hate food crumbs, and you hate reading books with many words in it.

I hate when you won't listen to me, I hate when you got mad at me because I don't hear you calling me, I hate when you blame the internet, I hate when you told me to eat at the table, I hate when you do your stupid dance in front of my friends, and I hate when people ask if you're my sister.

But I also love when you listen to my stories, when you show me the designs for our new house, when you ask me what's the trend right now, when you accompany me to watch concerts/gigs, when you buy me stuff although I don't like it, when you ask me what's been happening with my love life like you're a gossip journalist, when you never get mad when I came home very late, when you give your speech about life to me, and when you're nothing to me but a best friend.

I love you, although sometimes I hate you like really hate you until I wanna slap your face, but I love you. You're a strong and independent woman and even if I could, I wouldn't wish for a mom other than you. Not even the one as beautiful as Reese Witherspoon or as wealthy as Oprah Winfrey. I would still choose you.

on air and the future

Yesterday my playlist got aired in Prambors. They aired it at about 10 p.m.-ish. Call me corny but I actually am very excited about it since it was the first time ever I got to hear my self on the radio HAHAHA okay I'll stop being embarrassing now -___-. Too bad they don't give out prizes to the chosen playlists anymore.

And today I went to the bank with a few of friends to open a saving to claim our choir prize but turns out we need a parent's approval so we decided to ask a parent to sign the forms and come back again tomorrow. Then, I went to citos with Janis to watch Tron : Legacy. That movie's special effects are extremely awesome! But I wonder why do they call it Tron : Legacy when the movie is telling us about the Flynns? Ekh, what the heck I love it anyway.
Speaking about Tron : Legacy, can someone please invent a hybrid version of the car in that movie?

Yes, this car! Mechanic geniuses, pleeeeease find a way to make a hybrid version of this car! Pretty please with a cherry on top ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

your daily playlist

Remember about a post I make a few days ago that has a playlist from Prambors radio in it? Well, I just got a call from Prambors Radio and they told me they're going to air my playlist! I recorded some stuff for them like my name, my school, why did I name my playlist 'whatever I call it' and what's my favorite song there and they said they're going to air it tomorrow night at 9-12 p.m. Although I don't get anything it's still pretty cool, huh?
If you wanna get your playlist get aired in the radio, make your own playlist in Click here to go to the website. Also, don't forget to tune in to 102.2 Prambors Radio tomorrow at 9-12 :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

GV for bulcup prizes

Today me and Andi went to Bulungan Cup XII closing program to accept GV's prizes for winning 1st place in choir which includes a trophy, a certificate, and a Rp 4.000.000,- in a form of a saving. We arrived at Hall Basket A Senayan at about 4 but they gave out the prizes at about 7-ish. Bored? Not really because I could watch White Shoes And The Couples Company which I loooove. But Andi didn't enjoy them as much as I did because he didn't know them hehe. At first I was going to watch the closing until it finished but since none of my friends show up I decided to go home after accepting the prizes. Anyway, here's a photo of me and Andi when we accepted the prizes and photos of the trophy. Can't take a picture of the certificate and dummy since Andi has it hoho

Friday, December 17, 2010

winter's here

Winter have come in countries with 4 seasons and I have to say that I love winter styles! Screw the hot weather here in Jakarta I loooooooove winter styleeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
By the way here are a few of my favorite winter street styles.

photo source : and

report day!!!!

Today's the day of my first ever high school report paper distribution and the result wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Subjects that didn't pass are the ones that I've predicted before which are math, physics, biology, history, and environmental education. I was kinda shocked with biology because I thought chemistry was the one which didn't pass but it turned out to be biology haha.
And you know what? I didn't feel stressed at all. Maybe it's because I know the reason why I didn't passed these 5 subjects.
  1. Math : I suck at counting and it takes a very long time for me to really understand math
  2. Physics : there are math in it
  3. Biology : I think there are just too much latin word haha
  4. History : I didn't turn in an assignment
  5. Environmental education : I didn't turn in 2 assignment
Luckily, school gave us another chance to make up the failed subjects in January when we go back to school. But I'm too tired and lazy to study in the holidays so we'll just see what will I do.

In the end, I'm sooooo glad holidays are finally here because I'm so sick of school. See ya next year, school!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I know I'm super late but I just made this. Something suddenly made me wanna make this playlist mehehe. Too bad they have very limited songs.

GV for bulcup results

WON FIRST PLACE!!!!!! Alhamdulillah. We are soooo happy, speechless, and every good word in the English dictionary hahaha.
Every long hours of practice, staying out from foods that can damage your voice, missing hanging out with friends, and everything we've sacrificed for are all worth it! We enjoyed our performance and thank God the judges and audiences enjoyed it too.
Of course, we couldn't be here without kak Kenar, our teacher, although he got mad at us a few days ago I'm glad we can still work things out and act like a team.
I can't say anything anymore except that I love Grazia Vocalista with all of my heart and thank you for the experience and I love love love loooooove you guys!

P.S. I'm seriously gonna miss singing with the 12th graders. Good luck for your UAN, kak. I hope you can all pass and graduate with flying colors and got accepted to your choice of university. Amin :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

D-3 GV for bulcup

It's 3 days before the competition and I haven't even buy the skirt and shoe and I haven't finish making a top for 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

GV for bulcup

It's 4 days before the Bulungan Cup (bulcup) choir competition and today kak Kenar got mad at us for being incredibly late to practice at his house. And I lost my voice so I have to drink this ginger thingy but I don't like it but I have to. Shit. God news are I am totally loving the songs we're going to perform which are Faith by George Michael and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. If you're in Jakarta and are free on Tuesday, come watch the choir competition! Grazia Vocalista performs FIRST. Yes, people FIRST.
For more info visit bulcup's twitter here!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

thank you and goodbye

Thank you for your surprise flowers.
Thank you for your surprise hugs.
Thank you for your very "unyu" text messages.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for being so mean to me this past few weeks but I forgive you.
It had been a wonderful short roller coaster ride with you.
Thank you and goodbye.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

meet my new crown

Here's my promise hehe. This is my hair now. It's much much much shorter and much much much thinner. Recently, few people told me that my hair looked a bit thicker! I've been using this medical shampoo that my best friend, Amira, told me about and I think it's working. I hope I can have my old hair back very very soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chop chop

So I cut my hair (again) and this time it's very very short. It's layered and the shortest is right at the chin and the longest is at the armpit. For me it's extremely short but for my mom and the salon lady it's not. But for me it is and I hate it.
Every time I opened tumblr and I see those long flowy haired girls I got mad. I really really really really wish my hair didn't fall out this bad. Ergh I just wanna wear a wig!!!!!!!
Hopefully my hair grows out fast and it doesn't fall out again.
P.S. coming not so soon : a picture of my (not so) new hair hehe

Sunday, November 7, 2010

grazia vocalista

Grazia Vocalista (GV) is my school's choir group. The first time I saw them was when I handed over some documents to my school when I got accepted there. I adored them! Even my mom loved them when she heard them. At that exact moment, I knew that I wanted to be in that group. When they handed over the extracurricular form, I checked choir and cinematography that I later changed to English debate.
On the first day the extracurriculars started, I was confused because apparently choir and debate started at the same time. I was hella pissed! I loved choir but I also loved English debate. Then I remembered the first day I saw GV so I picked GV. Kak Kenar, our instructor, tested our voice and I got sorted in to alto 2 which was (I think) the lowest voice for woman.
For 2 weeks I juggled between choir and debate. But then I got tired and decided to left debate and focused on choir. Not only because I loved it more but because I was picked to participate in the 1st ever GV concert. I was excited and nervous at the same time because I couldn't read the notes and everybody else seemed to be a pro at this choir stuff. During the time we practiced for the concert, I learned more and more about my seniors and what GV is all about.
A few weeks after we practiced for concert, Kak Kenar told us that we were gonna participate in The 2nd Gunadarma Choir Festival and the concert's canceled because it didn't get the approval from school (you suck). The ones who would participate were the ones in the concert team so I was in. Again, when practicing, we grew in to each other even more. We laughed, ate, drank, act silly together and we knew each other very well.
Although I sometimes whine about practicing too much, I always forgot what I hate about practicing each and every day when I'm actually doing it. They made me feel so comfy that it didn't even felt like a practice.
By the time of the competition, we all bonded like we had known each other for years it made the other teams (I think) kinda jealous about our family-like team.
After we performed, we felt good and we were really hoping we'd won because this was the last competition for the 12th graders. When the judges announced that GV didn't won, we all broke in to tears. We weren't crying because we lost (we were in 6th place and our score was qualified to get a gold) but because it was the 12th graders' last competition with GV and it was also their first lost. I cried because I realized that I couldn't practice with them again and I was sad to see them crying. We talked about our experience working together and what we did wrong and Kak Kenar gave us a few sweet words.
At that moment, I realized how much I love GV and how it is more than just an extracurricular. It's a family.

Thanks to Kak Astari for the photo!

Monday, November 1, 2010

life is currently like a.........

Most of my time are spent on studying or working on school/extracurricular related things. I have very limited free time. Something's wrong with my social life. Haven't had time to have a quality talk with him. I miss dancing, singing, and acting. I miss going out with my friends. I feel like my life's moving too fast.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

scary papers

No, it's not for Halloween decorations. It's my mid term report papers! My scores are mostly okay. Math and physics are the 2nd and 3rd lowest scores and you wouldn't believe what subject is my lowest, *drum roll* history! I got 25 on history! Sadly, it is my fault. I retook the test after the teacher input the students' scores to the computer so my scores aren't complete. Fortunately I still can fix it on the 2nd half of this semester. You think it's over? Heck no! I only got 63 on my English. I'm shocked, mad, confused and did I mentioned shocked?! In this subject, I never have to redo any tests or assignments so why do I got an effin' 63 on English?! I really wish the teacher made a mistake while inputting the scores because if that's really my score, I don't even know what I'm going to do anymore #amirastyle.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

meet my new friend

Remedial. I did about 7 or 8 subjects at school. You think I'm dumb? Well, you're dead wrong. I think all students in my year did remedial. Some of them even did all subjects, if I'm not mistaken.
Let's just hope we did better in the 1st semester test. Amin :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi. HSC 34's closing went very well. I'm tired but happy. Really happy, actually. I think you know why. Yes, him. Well I hope everything works out perfectly.
Fyi, I have school tomorrow. Eep!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more on HSC 34 part 2

HSC 34 is getting more awesome every day. For anyone who didn't watch the first 2 days of the match, you still have 4 more days to go! Support your school or just watch the match. I will assure you it'll be a blast.
If you want more, don't forget to attend HSC 34's closing ceremony on Sunday, 17 October 2010 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at SMAN 34 Jakarta with performances by Soulvibe, Barry Likumahuwa Project, The Authentics, L'alphalpha, 34 choir, 34 Saman Dance, and many more!

Fight as Heroes, Win as Legends. Go go HSC 34!!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

He's getting cuter everyday and i started to know more about him through other people's eyes. That is all and thank you.

Friday, October 8, 2010

more on HSC 34

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of HSC 34!!!! Be sure to come to SMAN 34 Jakarta at 10 a.m. Also, don't forget to come to HSC 34's closing ceremony on October 17, 2010 at SMAN 34 Jakarta where there'll be Soulvibe, Barry Likumahuwa Project, L'alphalpha and many more.
For more info, see HSC 34's timeline or ask to their twitter here :D :D

See you on HSC 34, people. Fight as Heroes Win as Legends.

Friday, October 1, 2010

new school new crush

I like someone. He's in my class. I won't surely tell you his name but I will tell you this :
He's so crazy and silly, I think he loves to sing weird songs, he loves to clap, he's WEIRD. Yes, people, he's weird and I like it.
Not hoping for anything, though. Just gonna go with the flow.

P.S. If any one knows who this mystery guy is, please shut your mouth. Oh yeah, no body read this blog anyway HAHAHAHAHAHA

Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates on High School Celebration 34!!!!

There are a few new news on 34 Senior High School's HSC 34. First, they have announced the guest stars on the closing of HSC 34, they are Soulvibe, Barry Likumahuwa Project, The Authentics, L'alphalpha and SKUBO. The closing ceremony will be held on Sunday, 17 October 2010 at SMAN 34 Jakarta.

To know more about the competition or how to join, please ask HSC 34 team here!!!

Don't forget to clear you calendars so you can attend HSC 34.
Fight as Heroes, Win as Legends!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I've cut my hair and I don't like it. A lot of people say it's cute but I'm still not comfortable with it. Well, I just have to wait until it grows back.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

hair problem

A few weeks ago I got the typhus. Sadly, typhus can't heal overnight. We might feel very well after a few weeks but the recovery takes months. Another sad thing about this is hair will fall out after you got typhus. Like me now, my hair fall out each time I comb, I pull my hair back, or even just walking, sometimes it falls out! Because I have long hair, that means I need to cut my hair. Not like 1 cm cut but really cutting it until it's significantly shorter. I hope the new cut's good on me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High School Celebration 34

In celebrating our 32nd birthday, SMAN 34 Jakarta happily presents: High School Celebration 34 on 9-17 Oktober 2010 at SMAN 34 Jakarta and GOR Soemantri. There are Basket Ball, Saman, Futsal, Soccer and Modern Dance competition. Don't forget to sign your school to participate in those competitions!
For anyone who wants to participate in futsal competition, you can contact Chika : 08568941384 or Ian : 085710952408.
If you want to participate in saman competition, you can contact Ulya : 02193076620 or Nadia 08561988870
For more info, follow and ask @HSC_34.
Join us! Fight as Heroes, Win as Legends!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

faking it

Lately, I've been playing around with make up. No, I don't wear them to school or on daily basis but now I'm wearing very little make up when I'm going somewhere (other than school or friends' house just for fun).
And now, I just got back from my very very late birthday party and it's the 2nd time I tried to use the eyebrow pencil because I have very thin eyebrow. It's very thin that in pictures you can't even see it! Here's me without the made up eyebrow hahahaha.

And here's me with my eyebrow done. I drew it my self. I hope it doesn't look weird or too fake :/

So what do you think? Sorry I covered my face like that. Not in the mood to smile or anything so I look very mean hahahaha

Friday, September 3, 2010

another post about school

Today is the start of Lebaran holiday and I'm soooooo happy! Finally I got chance to relax although some teachers gave us assignments to do in the holiday (for those teachers : you suck you suck you suck). Anyway, I'm having 2 weeks holiday and I'm really gonna use it well.
Oh yeah, before holiday starts I caught up with a lot of subjects (because I didn't go to school for 2 weeks, the typhus) and it's tiring! I did 2 tests in a day and turned in 3 assignments in another day. It's official : high school took over my life.

Oh yeah, don't forget to take part in HSC 34! Sign your school's sports and arts team to HSC 34. Also don't forget to follow their twitter here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

i'm 15!

But I'm sick. So.... This is not the best birthday.
I started the day waking up and moved to the family room. Of course, I lied down on the sofa and didn't get any birthday wishes from my mom and sisters because the night before at 1 in the morning they woke me up and wished me a happy birthday. Then I ate my before breakfast medicines then ate breakfast then ate my antibiotic. After that I spent the whole morning reply-ing birthday wishes from everyone on twitter and facebook and text messages. Then I ate my before lunch medicine, ate lunch and ate antibiotic. Then I watched tv, played around with my tumblr, ate more medicines, replied more birthday wishes and waited for my aunts, uncles and cousins to come. Yes, they all decided to come because it was my birthday and I were sick hehe.
When fast breaking time came, we ate and drank. My aunt brought lasagna which was a food that I could eat aside from porridge. She also brought somay but I couldn't eat it.
Surprisingly, my 2 aunts both bought me cakes and both of the cake were chocolate, which is my fave by the way. So, I had 2 cakes. Luckily, I could eat the cake so that's the one thing that really cheered me up.
Then we chatted and watched tv then do our prayers together including the tarawih then we chatted again then they went home.
After that I watched more tv and surfed the internet and hit the bed.
That's what I did on my birthday. And did I mention that my party's postponed (again). *deep sigh*

Friday, August 20, 2010

more tummy prob

Remember in the last post I told you that I had digestion infection? Well it turns out to be typhus. I didn't get better after 2 days so my mom decided to get my blood checked which I hate because I hate needles. Please don't laugh I'm so terrified.
So I got my blood checked last night. When it was time for the nurse to put the needle in my arm, I could only grab my mom's hand and squeezed it because for me it hurts really bad. And the worst thing was they couldn't took my blood on my right arm because they said I'm too tense. So after they tried to take my blood from my right arm and didn't succeed, they took my blood from my left arm. It was horrible! They put the needles so long inside my arm because they're looking for the blood vessel and when they got in it my blood won't come out. Then we waited for 30 minutes and the doctor said I got the typhus and gave me antibiotics and medicines. She also said that I have to bed rest for a week or I have to stay in the hospital.
So here I am, lying on the sofa all day with the tv and laptop as my friends. And the worst thing about this is tomorrow's my birthday. How wonderful.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tummy problem

I'm sick. The doctor said it's digestion infection. I knew it! The foods in the pesantren Ramadhan wasn't clean. Here's how I first knew about it.
On my 2nd of pesantren, I had a terrible stomachache. Every time I moved, the pain came back. I had to lie down and curl to a ball like shape so I didn't feel the pain. Trust me, if you saw me you'd laugh your ass off. From then on, I knew it was because of the foods because each time I finished eating and drinking, the stomachache came back.
So now I'm at home, resting, can't go to school. I normally would cheer but high school got a lot of tests and assignments so me not going to school means me getting a lot of work. *faint*
Hope I get better soon because I don't wanna see piles of assignment near my birthday :/

P.S. tomorrow is my friend, Ines', birthday! Too bad I can't go to school :''''(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

birthday wishlist :D

My birthday's coming in 5 days. I'll be 15 this year. I don't know why but I'm so excited to turn 15. Weird. Anyway, I have a lot of things that I want this year. Gosh wonder why hahaha. Here's a few of what I want hopefully someone will read this and kind enough to give it to me on Saturday :P

I know a lot of people say this iPhone's not good but I can't help feeling like a caveman when seeing this phone.

This pen's very awesome, useful, cute, did I mention awesome?

Gah I always love this kind of books!

Just cute and simple. Love it!

How can you not love this whole collection?!

This t-shirt's just............. undescribable.

How can you not love this shoes?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it's here again

Today's the first days of the Ramadan month which means it's the first day of fasting. Alhamdulillah it all went well even though I made a big mistake by watching Discovery Travel & Living 1 hour before breaking fast time. Ooh all those exotic foods and drinks sure makes me wanna eat.
Anyway, I'm going to a 3 day 2 night trip for Pesantren Ramadan. It's an activity where Muslims studied religion deeper in Ramadan month. Because of this I won't be able to blog for a few days (like I blog regularly now haha).
So, Happy Fasting to you all. May Allah's blessings be with you throughout this Holy month :D

Saturday, July 31, 2010

it's high school

It's tough.
So many things to learn so little time.
So many things to decide.
So many new rules to follow.
Whining stops right here.

It's a beginning of a new chapter.
I love my new friends.
I (almost) love my new class.
I love the school's friendly atmosphere.
I love the way teachers treat us like young adults but still help us like we're little kids.
Praising stops here. Will be continued when I discovered something new to love.

P.S. I just got back from LDKS (School's Basic Leadership Training) trip and I met a few of new friends from another class which became my best friends right now and I'm starting to love my generation. Hooray for 34 2013!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

first post...

As an official high school student :D I am now Dania Anisa Najmi from 34 public high school.
My new school's very different from my junior high. It's much stricter (or is it more strict?) and the way we learn is also different. The school uses moving class system and with 40 students/class, the teacher can't possibly personally teaches us when we don't know/understand something so we have to think of other ways to ask or learn.
I already made a lot of new friends and they're ah-mazing! Still hoping I can remember each and every name of my generation but with 270-ish students I don't think I can hahaha.
It's been quiet fun so far and I hope it will continue to be fun for 3 years. I (hope I can) love you (as much as I love Surapatih)!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

tumblr challenge

So I'm doing this Tumblr 30 days challenge where we have to post something everyday according to the challenge. It's very very fun!
To see the challenges click here, to see my first day challenge click here and to keep up with the challenges click here to go to my profile.
Don't forget to check it out! If you have tumblr, let's do the challenge!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

golden snitch

I got bored so I drew this. Long live Harry Potter!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i am no longer school-less

Yes, people. I am accepted at a high school. It's 34 public high school! I'm grateful because a lot of people wanted to go to that school and I'm accepted :D There are a lot of consideration when I had to choose between 34 and a private school that I got accepted a few months ago. But I chose 34 because I wanna try something new (which is going to a public high school). I already report my self to that school and by tomorrow, I'll be officially a 34 high school student (not yet official because I forgot to bring a few documents on Friday).
Aside from feeling so excited, there are some things that I have to sacrifice. For example, I have to go to school at 5.30 a.m. everyday because the distance from my house to 34 is quite far. If I don't want to wake up that early, I can stay with my grandma because her house is close to 34. But, I choose to stay at home and try going to school at 5.30 a.m. everyday. Fyi, the thought of waking up before Subuh scared me hahaha.
Did I mention that the rules in that school is 180 degrees different from my junior high?! It's verrrrrrrrrrrrry strict! We have to wear our tie and belt or we got points (if you got many points you can get expelled) and the scariest for me : if we're late we are sent home. Fyi, I am known in my junior high school as the one who is always late haha. But, I gotta do what I gotta do. New day, new school, new friends, new opportunities!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

i can't help but feel like a total loser

Today I re-applied for high school. Didn't re-applied yesterday because I was still in Bogor with my family and Felix. There wasn't a lot of people and I only have to wait for about 15 minutes to get the print out of my application, not like the previous application which I had to wait for about 4 hours.
After I re-applied, I went back home and just sitting back watching TV and eating whatever's on the table. After that I got bored so I turned on the computer and opened my twitter.
Just a few minutes after I tweet, my friend, Rahma, told me that I was already in the 121st rank in my 2nd choice. This means, I didn't get accepted at my 1st choice. I originally didn't want to check my rank until tomorrow afternoon (the result's tomorrow afternoon) so Rahma's tweet was the first and last info about me until tomorrow afternoon. This means InsyaAllah I'll get accepted at one of the four other high schools I've chosen which are not bad.
But I can't help to feel like a total crap knowing that my score is just 0,2 scores away from getting into my 1st choice. And also knowing that a friend of mine who bought answers to UAN is currently in the middle rank of my 1st choice and I think s/he will get accepted. I know this isn't my fault but I keep feeling like a total loser.
I keep thinking that I let my parents down even though I know that they're still proud of me and I keep blaming the people who bought answers when I know that it's really none of their fault that I was rejected.
Now I'm crying while writing this post still wondering why am I crying? I think this is what you called disappointment.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

i'm still school-less

Because the government decided to repeat all of the enrollment process from the very beginning. Yes, we have to re-apply because the center server was broken so a lot of applicants' name wasn't in the list. Or something like this.
What confuses me is that they say the server's the one which is broken so our documents must be save. Why couldn't they use our old documents and put it in the list? Why do we need to re-enter our files to enroll? Did they lost it? Or what?
Oh well, my beloved nation is still learning how to make things right and this is their first time doing something like this. I wish them good luck for next year.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

dear Diknas,

I'm still school-less. Which one's my school?!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

it's time it's time!

So today until 3 July 2010 is the enrollment date for public high school. I have enrolled this morning. The system's crappy and it's confusing. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do, right? I have to wait until 3rd July to know which public high school am I accepted at. Wish me luck for 28 High School, will ya? :D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Look at my stupid smile. I'm stupidly happy. This makes me look like a crazy fan, right? HAHAHA.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

give us clear infos!

I am currently very confused. My school said that the high school application starts tomorrow until 3rd of July 2010. Tomorrow until the 30th are the pre-enrollment and the actual enrollment are from 1st-3rd July.
But a lot of my friends from another school said that tomorrow until the 30th are the enrollment date for students outside of Jakarta and students from Jakarta's enrollment date is 1-3 July. Since today's Sunday I can't call the nearest public high school to ask this. So, I asked mom. She helped. A bit.
She said that I should go tomorrow just to check but bring all of the paper works just in case the enrollment starts tomorrow so I can apply on the first day.
So I guess that's what I'll do. Hope the enrollment's tomorrow so I don't have to wake up early for nothing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


7th grade. I wore my white and red uniform with silly hats and other accessories to my now former school. I wore my white glasses and a lot of people thought I was a boy because I often acted like one. For the first time a boy told me that he liked me and I turned him down nicely (too nice, actually) but he kept texting me and I was annoyed so I texted him with a lot of exclamation point and didn't feel bad. I was called 'otak besi' because people though I was smart but I really didn't understand why they called me that. Shocked when I heard that I was in the #1 spot because I really really didn't think that I was that smart. Fyi, I still don't think I'm smart because I do stupid things and say stupid words. Basically my life is a one awesome stupid journey.
8th grade. Feeling like I could rule the school (read this? stupid, huh). I didn't know that people were talking behind my back (duh, it's called talking behind my back. I wasn't suppose to know, anyway) and when I knew they were, I said okay and didn't really care. Got the chance to be the president of the student body and already got in to some trouble in the first few weeks of my time. Totally the best time.
9th grade. Who doesn't love being a senior? Got to be in the same school again with my best elementary junior. Study, try out, study, try out (this is basically what my 9th grade looks like). Grew even more closer to my generation, Surapatih. For the first time going gaga over a bad boy. But then liked a new guy that is 180 degrees different from the bad boy. Then liked the bad boy again. Then I'm just so confused that I forgot about it and focused on my studies. Pass with flying colors, Alhamdulillah.
Now I'm here. Writing this post. Missing all the things I had done this past 3 years. Can't believe I'm going to high school soon which a lot of people say is the best time of your life (people are different so we just have to wait and see). Sitting here still dreaming of getting into that performing art high school (less talk do more, Dania!). Probably will smile a lot after this.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know this may sound weird for a big Harry Potter fan but the truth is I haven’t read all the books. I’ve only read the third book and then I stopped.

The reason I did that was, I knew that books were much greater and detailed than the films. So, if I read the books before the film, it would make me knew everything about the film. But, if I watched the movies first and then read the book, I’ll still be surprised by a lot of things that didn’t make it to the movie.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Aji Killip musical theater

Sunday, June 20, 2010 was the day of my first ever musical theater performance. Alhamdulillah it went well! Although I made a few mistakes like saying 'nyangkut' (which means stuck) when the mike's still on and ALMOST laugh in a few scenes, a lot of people think that I did a good job. Still need to work on my intonations, though. Here are a few photos of the general rehearsal and after shows. Enjoy!

Casts, dancers, crew!

Widyarini girls with one of the dance teacher, Bang Ucuy

a scene where I, as itaaq (means grandma), forgive her grandson, Aji Killip

Widyarini dancers dancing the Enggang Bird dance, I think.

Cute kids from Ojai!!!
This is Ayasha. She's very naughty but she's still so sweet. She always lean behind me and trying to make me fall. I'm gonna miss you, kiddo :')

And this is Lunya! She's the cutest kid in Ojai and we, Widyarini-ers adore her! I often wear my The Ting-Tings t-shirt to practice which had a drawing of Katie only wearing a bikini. Every time she saw the t-shirt, she always screamed 'KELIATAN!', which means visible, with her cute voice. She's very shy. She rarely wants to have her picture taken. But, whenever I point my camera at her to shoot candid pictures of her, she always looked right into the camera with her cute innocent face as if she accidentally saw the camera.

I'm gonna miss working with these kids! We had so much fun and I can't believe this have to end so soon. Keep on dancing, kiddos :')

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The End of an Era

Warwick Davis was right. The last day of shooting Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2 is the end of an era. For me, Harry Potter is the best movie of this decade. And yes, it's better than The Twilight Saga. Not that I hate Twilight, I love them! But Harry Potter's much better. I'll tell you why.
Every time I watched Harry Potter, there's something inside me that screamed 'I WANNA BE A WIZARD!'. But when I watched Twilight and New Moon, the only thing that I can think of is Taylor Lautner's hot body and Edward's (Edward, not R. Patz) charm.
Okay now back to Harry Potter. I really love what Warwick said about Harry Potter : 'The End of an Era-today is officially the last day of principal photography on 'Harry Potter'-ever. I feel honoured to be here as the director shouts cut for the very last time. Farewell Harry and Hogwarts, it's been magic.'
I don't know about you, but this statement's really really sad. We all have watched the cast grew up, we watched when secrets are revealed, we enjoy the fights between Hermione and Ron, we love Harry's curiosity about everything, my goodness. This is so so so sad.
But, everything must come to an end, right? Best of luck to all the cast. I love you guys! You are my #2 fave cast of all time (the #1's Glee, fyi). Harry Potter will always be remembered.
Farewell Harry and Hogwarts, it's been magic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robot and Whale

Twitter hasn't been the friendliest social networking site lately. It often gives me the stupid error robot with long hands or the stupid birds carrying an overweight whale! Not that I miss tweeting or anything, it's just my friends gossip in twitter or bbm because we had finished school. Since I'm not a Blackberry user, twitter is the only place that I can catchup with the latest gossips.

That's all I can say. Hope twitter's feeling better any time soon. I need gossip to live (oh I'm such a drama queen)!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's hard to... even though... my fault... oh my

Widyarini (my dance course) is having another performance this June. It's pretty exciting because we work together with another dance course called OJAI. Besides from working together with OJAI, the performance will be a musical theater. Can you imagine it?! Musical theater!!! It has been my dream since I knew how to sing and dance! The other exciting part is the play is adapted from a folk story from east Borneo so it's gonna be Indonesia-licious (????).
But, the most exciting part was that I was chosen to play a role! I got the part of Itaaq which means : grandma. Errr it's not the coolest character that you can play but it's still so fun because this is my first time performing in a musical theater.
It was fun. It WAS fun until I got the news that I wouldn't dance. I started to regret what I had chosen. Yes, one of my dreams was to win an Oscar (laugh if you want), but not dancing? I couldn't imagine how I'd feel seeing my other friends dance. But I know that I couldn't quit so I did the theater and just have fun.
It was pretty fun for a few weeks even though I still feel kinda sad whenever I saw them rehearse, until today.
We had a 5 hours rehearsal. It was pretty intense because the performance date is getting closer and closer. First, the cast and dancers practiced separately. After that, we got together in a room to start practicing together. This was when the disaster happened.
The first thing they rehearsed was a dance routine called the Gantar dance. It was AMAZING! In the middle of the dance I suddenly started to cry. I felt sad. Seeing someone dance something that I could do if I hadn't accept the part of Itaaq made me sad. When they finished the dance, a lot of my friends approached me and asked me what's wrong. I told them what's wrong and my tears just burst out of control. I told them how much I wanted to dance, how much I regret taking the part, how much I hated seeing them dance because I wanted what they could do, I also told them that I wanted to kill them for dancing (yes I still can joke while crying).
They all told me that I'm very talented in what I was chosen to do and I shouldn't regret taking the part because this performance is just a small speck if compared to the millions of performances out there. And they're right. I should be proud of what I was chosen to do and dancing's not gonna leave me unless I leave them, right?
So I stood up, acted my lines and felt much better standing up there. Today had really taught me a lot of things. Don't afraid to take new opportunity, do what you love but do explore other things and the most important thing that I learned today was friends are the best thing in the whole world. Next to your family, of course.
So, don't forget to watch this musical theater!

OJAI presents :
Aji Killip Musical Theater.
Adapted from the East Borneo folk tale.
Sunday, June 20, 2010
First show : 14.00-15.15
Second show : 16.00-17.15
Teater Salihara : Jl. Salihara 16 Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan.

More info and ticket booking : -Dhenok : 081281677676
- Salihara : 021-7891202

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

back on track

Hello blog! I've graduated from junior high, been school-less for about a month now, still waiting for the public school enrollment, in love with the trees and the wild especially Remedy and now will continue blogging again :D Gosh, I miss this blog so much! Been on tumblr lately because I think it's easier to post my crappy photos there hahaha. I got so much to post right now. My graduation photos, farewell trip photos and various pensi/gigs photos. So, here you go!

Look at Rayi's face! Lol.

Aw, so sweet!

This is Remedy from The Trees And The Wild. Gah I adore him so much!

A few of Surapatih girls. They are so beautiful and I love them so much :')
9B!!!!!!!! ♥
Cute Awesome photographer on our farewell trip.
9b!!!!!!!!!! ♥