Tuesday, April 6, 2010

awesome things i didn't blog

went to monas right after uan. dina took this photo of me :)
left to right : tongky, gita, dina, jehan
crazy-ing with kak anya at the sahid anniversary. this is about 2/3 weeks before UAN!
with senior dancers, bu nuk (our teacher), and kak anya before the sahid anniversary show
me and janis attend the MTV VJ Hunt Indonesia 2010
sat near VJ Utt oh my God he's so so so handsome!! too bad we didn't take a picture with him :'(
this is kak emi one of the VJ Hunt finalist who is in my mom's management
it was kak emi's birthday and VJ Utt gave him a birthday cake and a hug. i envy you, kak!

This is what you guys missed. Please pray for us, 9th graders, so all of us can graduate and continue to high school!! See ya later, dudes!

Monday, April 5, 2010


HELLO BLOG!!!!!! It's been a very very very very very very very long time since I last post here. School really took my time and guess what : I HAVE FINISHED MY UAN! Woo hooo! Thank God it all went well except for biology oh my God it's so so majorly hard. I hope I did well on that. Well, I might began blogging again after I finish my UAS and praktek and oh I'm so excited!!! I almost finish what I had worked hard for months :)
Please pray for us, 9th graders, so all of us can graduate from junior high and continue to high school :')