Saturday, November 27, 2010

meet my new crown

Here's my promise hehe. This is my hair now. It's much much much shorter and much much much thinner. Recently, few people told me that my hair looked a bit thicker! I've been using this medical shampoo that my best friend, Amira, told me about and I think it's working. I hope I can have my old hair back very very soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chop chop

So I cut my hair (again) and this time it's very very short. It's layered and the shortest is right at the chin and the longest is at the armpit. For me it's extremely short but for my mom and the salon lady it's not. But for me it is and I hate it.
Every time I opened tumblr and I see those long flowy haired girls I got mad. I really really really really wish my hair didn't fall out this bad. Ergh I just wanna wear a wig!!!!!!!
Hopefully my hair grows out fast and it doesn't fall out again.
P.S. coming not so soon : a picture of my (not so) new hair hehe

Sunday, November 7, 2010

grazia vocalista

Grazia Vocalista (GV) is my school's choir group. The first time I saw them was when I handed over some documents to my school when I got accepted there. I adored them! Even my mom loved them when she heard them. At that exact moment, I knew that I wanted to be in that group. When they handed over the extracurricular form, I checked choir and cinematography that I later changed to English debate.
On the first day the extracurriculars started, I was confused because apparently choir and debate started at the same time. I was hella pissed! I loved choir but I also loved English debate. Then I remembered the first day I saw GV so I picked GV. Kak Kenar, our instructor, tested our voice and I got sorted in to alto 2 which was (I think) the lowest voice for woman.
For 2 weeks I juggled between choir and debate. But then I got tired and decided to left debate and focused on choir. Not only because I loved it more but because I was picked to participate in the 1st ever GV concert. I was excited and nervous at the same time because I couldn't read the notes and everybody else seemed to be a pro at this choir stuff. During the time we practiced for the concert, I learned more and more about my seniors and what GV is all about.
A few weeks after we practiced for concert, Kak Kenar told us that we were gonna participate in The 2nd Gunadarma Choir Festival and the concert's canceled because it didn't get the approval from school (you suck). The ones who would participate were the ones in the concert team so I was in. Again, when practicing, we grew in to each other even more. We laughed, ate, drank, act silly together and we knew each other very well.
Although I sometimes whine about practicing too much, I always forgot what I hate about practicing each and every day when I'm actually doing it. They made me feel so comfy that it didn't even felt like a practice.
By the time of the competition, we all bonded like we had known each other for years it made the other teams (I think) kinda jealous about our family-like team.
After we performed, we felt good and we were really hoping we'd won because this was the last competition for the 12th graders. When the judges announced that GV didn't won, we all broke in to tears. We weren't crying because we lost (we were in 6th place and our score was qualified to get a gold) but because it was the 12th graders' last competition with GV and it was also their first lost. I cried because I realized that I couldn't practice with them again and I was sad to see them crying. We talked about our experience working together and what we did wrong and Kak Kenar gave us a few sweet words.
At that moment, I realized how much I love GV and how it is more than just an extracurricular. It's a family.

Thanks to Kak Astari for the photo!

Monday, November 1, 2010

life is currently like a.........

Most of my time are spent on studying or working on school/extracurricular related things. I have very limited free time. Something's wrong with my social life. Haven't had time to have a quality talk with him. I miss dancing, singing, and acting. I miss going out with my friends. I feel like my life's moving too fast.