Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal wedding

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. I couldn't watch the live show because of dance class but fortunately E! aired the rerun right after the live show and I was able to watch it from the beginning. The wedding was fit for a king but for me it was just okay. What made it special and touching was the way William and Kate looked at each other and how they sometimes accidentally get caught glancing at each other and they would smile, giggle and look away. I could feel from my couch in Asia that they really love each other and this marriage wasn't forced. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love weddings <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

X-6 gathering

Yesterday my class, X-6, had a gathering at my house. It was fun! As a matter of fact it was super duper extremely tremendously marvelously fun!
We talked, laughed, screamed, ran, rode bikes, played badminton, talked, laughed, grilled. It was heavenly!
It got better when we surprised Aprey, who is having her birthday, with an ice cream cake.
Oh I can't describe how much fun we had last night. So, here are a few pictures courtesy of Arin :)

Some of them are using my sister's bike haha

l-r : me, Dyas, Billa, Amira, Arin

l-r : Mega, Febri, Semi, Laksamana, me, Dian

Happy Birthday, dear Aprey!

Aprey got floured hahaha

The marvelously fun Senam Pagi (Sepuluh Enam Paling Gila) :_D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

exams and tests

Hi y'all! I've not been here for a while due to school, school and lastly school. I've just had my mid terms and of course the one thing every highschool-ers have in their life dictionary : remedial week. It's been tough! I already reread and learned a few weeks before the mid terms and to be honest I enjoyed the studying part and I was super excited about mid terms because I was so sure that I could nail it. But thennnnnnn it turned out that I didn't pass in 7 subjects. Shit.
So I did 7 remedial and it felt like I took the tests twice. Another shit. Thank God I nailed most of them while I still don't know the result of the rest.
Aaaaaand I had my reports on Thursday and I'm happy with it! It has been a major step up from last semester and my mom felt proud of me. As for my self, I felt that I could've done better. But hey! There are still 2 months before this school year end, right?
Another test that I'm about to have is the AFS selection test. AFS is a student exchange program that I joined. I returned the forms this morning and I'll have the selection test in May. A lot of students from my school joined this program selection. Psst, Amira is one of them! I hope both of us got to go Aminnnnn. Pleeeeeeease wish us luck :D :D

P.S. Good luck to all 12th graders in Indonesia in doing the National Exam starting tomorrow. Keep in mind what you've learned in 3 years and what you've learned in bimbel and stuffs. 34 2011, hope to see you all without exception in graduation (if I got chosen to sing in the choir)! Huehehehehe