Wednesday, February 23, 2011

back and remember

My computer's back though none of my data is gone but a lot of programs that I've installed are gone so I have to re-install them /sigh/
Anyway, do come to Margo City on Friday, February 25h 2011 to watch................ things. Margo Friday Jazz is the thing. And you may ask what's happening there? Well, you just have to come and see!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

broke down on mini holiday

My computer broke down a few days ago so it had to be repaired so I've been computer-less for 3 days now. Can't do my religion presentation and I can't go to tumblr comfortably /sigh/.
Anyway, I have no school tomorrow because the 3rd graders will be having their 2nd national exam try out soooo I can sleep late today and I don't have to do any homeworks :D
Good luck for the try outs, seniors! I hope you all ace the tests and thanks for making us not going to school for 2 days heheh.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

another choir competition

This time it was in Al-Azhar BSD. We encountered many problems for this competition starting with the lack of boys members, unfocused members, and maaaany other things. As I've told you before, this might be caused by the short period of time between one competition to another so it make us a bit bored and tired by the situation.
We did our best and we prayed and Alhamdulilllah we won first place! The sacrifices we made for this team were all worth it.
At first we were called as the 3rd winner but then the judges said that they made a mistake and it was SMAN 70 who were in 3rd. At that moment I thought the judges misread the paper and so we would in 4th place. We already accepted our loss when they announced the 2nd winner, which is SMAN 13 so when they called us as the 1st winner we were all shocked. We totally didn't expect to win because, as kak Kenar had said, the effort given for this competition wasn't the best we could give.
We were so shocked that a lot of the members cried. After that we sang 1 more time in front of the other competitors and held briefing. A shocking news came out from kak Kenar's mouth and that news made me forgot about our win for a split second but, I'm not gonna write it here here because it's too complicated hehe.
Anyway, maaaaajor thanks to the team, kak Kenar, and others who supported in any way they ould. I hope in the future Grazia Vocalista can keep up the good work and step it up a notch. Amin!

Friday, February 4, 2011

things from ecuador

Mom and the team got back on 1st of February 2011 and of course she bought lots of stuffs for me and my sisters. The things she bought me are amazing and not to mention cute!

This Ecuador t-shirt has a wool sticking out of it as hairs!

I could stuff in books and other school things in it and it'll stay soft and fluffy haha

Isn't this feather earrings just breathtaking?

An Indian print necklace. I love the vibrant colors!

A lego watch she bought in an airport in Amsterdam. Mine's actually the star wars one but my sister took that one and gave me this instead -_-

And this the one that I love the most, a dream catcher. Isn't this beautiful?

Seeing unique stuffs from another country is always fun. Aaaaaa I hope someday I can travel the world like mom, Amin!

my 'me' time

For a few months choir have been taking over my free time and it sucks. I love choir, I really do but we just finished a competition last month and now we're already extra practicing for another competition. I'm tired. I'm tired of always saying 'I can't go' to hang out with my friends because I have choir practice. I'm tired of being tired with this. And I'm sick of always waking up early on holidays to practice choir. Holidays are rare these days and now I have to sacrifice resting my mind body and soul for another 'work'. I know that if you do something you love it's not work. But if you keep doing it without rest it's not going to be fun anymore and that love will turn upside down.
I have talked about this with kak Ayu (current choir president) and a few of my friends and seniors and apparently they also thought that the length between one competition and another is waaaay too short and luckily kak Ayu also suggested that we have a break from competitions for a couple of months.
For me this is just too much. I wish I could tell them I wanna quit the team for this current competition, but I just don't have the heart to do it. We're already facing enough problems and I don't wanna be a burden to the team. It's a week to go but it feels like an eternity. I hope I can make it through and give my best to the team, Amin.