Saturday, March 26, 2011


Got bored so I took out my little black bag and did this hoho

Thursday, March 17, 2011

quick trip

My computer had been upgraded for a couple of days so I hadn't been here for a while. While we're at the subject of my computer, have you noticed that my computer broke down/maintained/upgraded a lot? I think it's another way to say "MOM I WANT A BRAND NEW COMPUTER!" Okay let us hope for the best haha.
Anyway, I'm having a holiday for a week because the seniors are having their final exam from school. I'm super excited to get a break from school but at the same time a bit mad because when school starts again we'll have the mid term exams. Not much of a holiday, huh?
But still, I wanna have fun and I had fun! I went to Bogor and Puncak with a few girls from my class. The boys were originally going to come with us but because of a certain someone and a certain things they cancelled. It was still fun and it was a blast! And, none of us spend more than Rp 100.000,- (about $10) on this trip! Going on this trip made us feel closer to each other :_) Here are a couple of photos from the quick trip.

bogor botanical garden main gate

a bird replica in the zoology museum. looks so real, huh?

istana bogor (is that the name of this place? i'm not sure now haha)

me and my super duper extremely best friend in the whole world

2 of the craziest girl in my class