Tuesday, May 31, 2011

study, tests, and grad

Currently in the middle of the final exam but there are 3 days off in the middle of it because my school's being used in the SNMPTN test. My scores are quite good except for science and math of course haha what's shocking is English! I only got 72.5 T_T most students got lower scores than I did and for me, the teacher's answer is irrational.
And I sang at the 3rd grader's graduation on Sunday with Grazia Vocalista. Everything went well yada yada yada. Not in the mood for writing. AAAAAAAAA can't wait until the tests are finished I really need a getaway.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

grazia vocalista at national edu day

Grazia Vocalista performed at National Education Day ceremony 2011 :D There are about 120 people there and we were all soooo excited! This was a very proud moment for my school because we haven't been asked to sing in the ceremony for 3 or 4 years and this year we got asked to sing again weeeeheeee.
We sang 5 songs which are Padamu Negri (sang when they gave out an award), Bangun Pemudi Pemuda, Indonesia Pusaka, Soleram, and Syukur (performed with the middle school choir). Sadly, the videos weren't that good since my teacher shot the performance and he paused the video to move place. Who the hell paused a video when recording something that only happened once? Stoops. Anyway, he managed to take Bangun Pemudi Pemuda performance from beginning to end so here it is. Enjoy!