Thursday, October 29, 2009

RAN & Chaseiro on a school night :)

yesterday, my aunt invited me to an event held in rolling stones kemang. the event is basically celebrating sumpah pemuda day and the re release of chaseiro's (indonesian old band) "pemuda" with special guest RAN and shelomita. the best part of this event is i got to met RAN, i got to make new friends, aisyah and it's on school night :D here are some of the photos enjoyyyyyy

with kak nino
aisyah, me, janis
with kak asta
with all!

me, aisyah, tante keke, janis

mid test after parteeeeeeeeh!

hi blog! haven't post in a while so busy wit school ugh. so, 5 hours after we did the last mid tests we went to kemang to had an after party. we had lunch and did karaoe. it was soooooooo fun! here's the pics :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i ♥ indonesian dance!

in December, i and some of my friends from griya tari widyarini will go to Solo to perform our traditional dance. i get to dance the bondan dance with 3 other dancers. i am so excited because i get to show people that Jakarta kids care about our traditional dance.
with this post, i also want to tell you about my aunt's traditional dance class. you can learn a lot of Indonesian traditional dances here and also make new friends. you can visit their websites HERE!
here are some pictures of my Javanese dance class when performing at museum mandiri and the plataran darmawangsa.

waiting to perform
after hair and make up and dressing up (Y)before hair make up and dressing up. still sleepy :P

love our culture. learn it. don't hate it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

the streets of Jakarta

this morning my school held parents meeting to discuss the "rsbi" my school will became to if we pass the test and also our (9th graders) farewell trip. i was gonna come with mom but i overslept so my mom left me. at first, i wasn't thinking to came to school but when nisa texted me to came because there were lots of 9th graders coming i changed my mind. so, i took a bath but i didn't brush my teeth because i was in a hurry. i know i'm gross :P after that i took my jacket and the bike helmet and rode a bike to school. this was not actually the first time i rode a bike to school but i really wanna share this story to you right now.
so, i rode a bike to school on a saturday morning in the streets of jakarta. i'll tell you something : it was scary like hell. cars honk at you for being slow (helloooooooo this is a bike for heaven's sake), motorcycles went very fast and very near to my bike, and angkot just stopped in the middle of the streets blocking my way and started to pissed me off. not only the drivers of those vehicles that i'm afraid of, the streets it self made me scared. there are no sidewalks in every streets. even if there's a sidewalk in a few streets, they were used by sellers to sell things. i had to rode my bike in the streets full of angry drivers and some of them were even crazy, if i may say. no wonder people are a bit lazy to ride their bikes to everywhere.
i hope the government could fix this problem so many people will ride their bikes and reduce pollutions :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

mid terms and laziness

hi bloggie :) haven't post in a while because of school. well, next week i'll have my mid term tests and i don't think i'm ready for math and physics! even though i already learn a lot from bimbel, i still don't think that i'm ready for tests.
don't talk about mid term tests, talk about my most recent math daily test. 35 out of 100 scores for me :( and my most recent pysics daily test : 65 and i know why i got these scores : i'm too lazy to study the day before the tests -__-
i just hope that i can do much much better in mid terms because i promise my self to study harder starting tomorrow :P or maybe tonight.
wish me luck, bloggie :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm a free girl. for two days.

today, my mom went to surabaya for a business trip until saturday and my dad went back to purwokerto to work on his eco tourism place. that means, I'M FREE FOR TWO DAYSSSSSSSSS! i'm so happy because mom will return home on saturday night which means i can go out with my friends without mom calling me what time will i be home and no one will ask me to go to sleep early :D as for dad, don't know when will he be back because it's not scheduled.
so, i'll be smiling a lot this 2 days and maybe i'll frown a bit on saturday. naaaaah just kidding, people.
tell you about my parents free day tomorrow, people :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

batik day!

on 2 october 2009, an organization (i forgot the name) say batik is from Indonesia and will do something ( i forgot what) on that day to show that batik is from Indonesia. so on that day, all indonesia (or only jakarta i don't know) wore batik to everywhere. my school also told the students to wear free batik to school but most of my friends wore our batik uniform -___- so here's the photos of batik day in my schooooooool

me and nadya wearing an almost exact color of batik hihi

still being crazy while being crazy. right, tongky?

and you know what, from 5 until 9 october, anyone who's wearing batik to ancol with get a discount. cool, huh?