Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hi write

I realized I hadn't blog a lot since I entered high school. To me blogging used to be the place where I express my self. A place where I can write whatever I want because no one read this blog except for my followers, which aren't huge (you can even call it micro) and most of them aren't even active anymore, and a place where I can tell craps about my life. Now, it's just another website that I remember when I'm not working on assignments or not thinking about the other gazillion things that I need to think about.
This may seem weird to some because what kind of shit can a 16 years old ordinary girl can think about.
Well, there's this thing called school where kids are given lots of assignments and are still expected to have a social life. And then there's choir and Versa Voices the place that I love as much as I love my family but sometimes can get pretty out of hand and annoying. Next is him which I don't know why the hell am I thinking about him since we're cool and still talking and all the stuff 2 people do as good friends. Guess you could blame it on the hormones, eh? These are the 3 things that I can remember now but trust me there are still a bunch of other things.
This is the only thing hat I need to get off my chest. I'll get back to you when I remember or when I'm free from whatever that is holding me back from this heaven on earth.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

piles and times

-I am the new president of Grazia Vocalista
-Versa Voices got offered lots of jobs
-My grades have been great
-Assignments are piling up
-Many more

11th grade's been a blast. Everything is going marvelously but I'm not. I often feel tired and feel like I don't have enough time to relax because so much things are going on. Don't get me wrong. I love those things and I wouldn't want it to stop. But I haven't found the right way to manage all of this so it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

Still thinking and trying lots of things to manage it. Hope to find the solution soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

catch ups!

It has been months since I last posted here. My excuse : laziness. No more school excuses this time since 11th grade hasn't took up much of my time hehe. But choir and other things sure have.
Soooo what have this blog missed?
My new class is XI IPS 1 and they're full of dope people, my new chairmate is Tasya or as we like to cal her : Sabun, Grazia Vocalista has been amazing as always and oh, we're having our first ever concert in February (eep!), I'm a candidate for the head of GV, also in the sponsorship section for next year's HSC 34, am in a vocal ensemble called Versa Voices with 14 other GV alumnus and current members, and mylovelifehasbeengreatnoistilldon'thaveaboyfriendbutsomethingisgoingonughitscomplicated. And ooooh 34 2013 is going to Bali and Jogjakarta in December :D

Oh I forgot 1 little detail : I got in to Pottermore early :D :D :D :D :D

Lots of things have been going on and asdfghjklmnbvc I am just so excited(though I'm already feeling tired by all of it)for what will come this year!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Got my report papers 3 days ago and Alhamdulillah I pass and got into social class!! I'm soooo happy because I really wnna get in socials but I rarely succeed in geography. Thank God I pass geo and I'm qualified to be in social class :_____)
They're gonna announce which class are we gonna be placed and who are our classmates ob the 5th and 6th of July. Sadly I won't be here on that day so my mom's going to see it.
I'm really hoping that I can fo my best this year and have an awsome class as awesome ad Xenam Pagi <3
Speaking of Xenam Pagi, we had our farewell trip on 21st to 23rd of June in Puncak. It was amazing!! We laughed, cried, talked, and played like there's no tomorrow haha!
To top off this happy post : Grazia Vocalista won again!!! This time in Pancasila University Choir Festival. We won 1st place beating tough competitors like 13 High School and Tugu Ibu High School. We sang Pantang Mundur and Yamko Rambe Yamko. Aaaaah it wad fun and nerve wrecking since I lost my voice and haven't fully recovered by the the time competition began. I was afraid that my voice could ruin the team's performance. Again, thank God it didn't.
To end this marvelously happy post, I hope I can become a better person in every aspect of my life in this new acadrmic year. Amin :D

P.S. Sorry if there are lots of mispelled words. Am writing this from mom's phone hehe

Sunday, June 19, 2011

dear dad

You annoy me, you embarrass me and you're always trying to be cool (but fail all the time).
But you understand me when mom didn't, you have this wide knowledge of cool things, and you often surprised me with wonderful things.
You're not perfect and you wont be perfect. but i love you though i never show you my affection.
Happy fathers day :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

finish and hope

Final exam week and remedial week are finally over! All we gotta do now is wait and pray.

To help us see which subjects that are still below the minimum score, school gave username and password to each student in my school so that we can see our current score in our soon to be given report book. The score are the one that the teachers put in the school's administration system. For me, I fail on geography. The minimum score is 75 and I got a close score of 72 point something. This is frustrating since I really really wanna go to social studies class and we must reach the minimum of 8 in economics, sociology, and geography.
Fortunately, I heard that if you fail in less than 3 subjects but the subjects are the one used to see which class would you be put in, we can still go to the next level but we will be put in social. OOOOO I hope this is true!!!
Pleeeease wish 34 2013 luck!!! I hope all of us can go to 11th grade THIS YEAR and got accepted to the best class for us. Amin.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

down down down

Did my final exams and currently flunked on all science subjects, math, ENGLISH (shit), and civics. Science and math I could understand but English??? Gosh, I don't know what the heck is wrong. Is it me, is it the teachers, is it anything??? I've talked to my most trusted English teacher and she's shocked as well that I flunked. Sadly, she won't lowered the minimum score so I have to join remedial class on God-knows-when-the-date-is. Now civics. My text book's missing a couple of pages (which turned out to be the important pages) and I forgot to copy my friend's book so it was kinda my fault.
Other subjects' scores hasn't been posted yet and we still have to wait until Monday to see the results.
Speaking about Monday, I'll be having my chemistry remedial that day. Oh God all I want is to reach the minimum score for science and math w(;_;w)

Moving on to me. I've been so focused on my exams that I didn't even think of going out on Saturday nights or on my free time. And school's been super tiring with choir performance at graduation and completing tasks and lots of new tasks to be done before the exams. This made me use my spare time to sleep or just hanging out at home. Plus, no blockbuster movies=crappy movies at the cinema=me lying down on the sofa at home. So, social life's been a wreck.

Final thoughts and hopes : be an 11th grader this year (although I'm gonna miss X6 so much!), got in to social studies class, GET MORE ORGANIZED!!!!!, and just live my life to the fullest. Amin.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

study, tests, and grad

Currently in the middle of the final exam but there are 3 days off in the middle of it because my school's being used in the SNMPTN test. My scores are quite good except for science and math of course haha what's shocking is English! I only got 72.5 T_T most students got lower scores than I did and for me, the teacher's answer is irrational.
And I sang at the 3rd grader's graduation on Sunday with Grazia Vocalista. Everything went well yada yada yada. Not in the mood for writing. AAAAAAAAA can't wait until the tests are finished I really need a getaway.