Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hi write

I realized I hadn't blog a lot since I entered high school. To me blogging used to be the place where I express my self. A place where I can write whatever I want because no one read this blog except for my followers, which aren't huge (you can even call it micro) and most of them aren't even active anymore, and a place where I can tell craps about my life. Now, it's just another website that I remember when I'm not working on assignments or not thinking about the other gazillion things that I need to think about.
This may seem weird to some because what kind of shit can a 16 years old ordinary girl can think about.
Well, there's this thing called school where kids are given lots of assignments and are still expected to have a social life. And then there's choir and Versa Voices the place that I love as much as I love my family but sometimes can get pretty out of hand and annoying. Next is him which I don't know why the hell am I thinking about him since we're cool and still talking and all the stuff 2 people do as good friends. Guess you could blame it on the hormones, eh? These are the 3 things that I can remember now but trust me there are still a bunch of other things.
This is the only thing hat I need to get off my chest. I'll get back to you when I remember or when I'm free from whatever that is holding me back from this heaven on earth.

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