Friday, June 10, 2011

finish and hope

Final exam week and remedial week are finally over! All we gotta do now is wait and pray.

To help us see which subjects that are still below the minimum score, school gave username and password to each student in my school so that we can see our current score in our soon to be given report book. The score are the one that the teachers put in the school's administration system. For me, I fail on geography. The minimum score is 75 and I got a close score of 72 point something. This is frustrating since I really really wanna go to social studies class and we must reach the minimum of 8 in economics, sociology, and geography.
Fortunately, I heard that if you fail in less than 3 subjects but the subjects are the one used to see which class would you be put in, we can still go to the next level but we will be put in social. OOOOO I hope this is true!!!
Pleeeease wish 34 2013 luck!!! I hope all of us can go to 11th grade THIS YEAR and got accepted to the best class for us. Amin.

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