Monday, June 27, 2011


Got my report papers 3 days ago and Alhamdulillah I pass and got into social class!! I'm soooo happy because I really wnna get in socials but I rarely succeed in geography. Thank God I pass geo and I'm qualified to be in social class :_____)
They're gonna announce which class are we gonna be placed and who are our classmates ob the 5th and 6th of July. Sadly I won't be here on that day so my mom's going to see it.
I'm really hoping that I can fo my best this year and have an awsome class as awesome ad Xenam Pagi <3
Speaking of Xenam Pagi, we had our farewell trip on 21st to 23rd of June in Puncak. It was amazing!! We laughed, cried, talked, and played like there's no tomorrow haha!
To top off this happy post : Grazia Vocalista won again!!! This time in Pancasila University Choir Festival. We won 1st place beating tough competitors like 13 High School and Tugu Ibu High School. We sang Pantang Mundur and Yamko Rambe Yamko. Aaaaah it wad fun and nerve wrecking since I lost my voice and haven't fully recovered by the the time competition began. I was afraid that my voice could ruin the team's performance. Again, thank God it didn't.
To end this marvelously happy post, I hope I can become a better person in every aspect of my life in this new acadrmic year. Amin :D

P.S. Sorry if there are lots of mispelled words. Am writing this from mom's phone hehe

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