Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mom saves the electricity!

a few days ago, or yesterday i don't know, PLN (electric company) in somewhere was on fire. so, the electricity in my house went out from morning. only a few minutes after my mom went to work. that day, i had my dance class. so, we (me and my sisters) went to the dance class at 4 p.m. and mom picked us up when we finished. when we got home, the electricity was on! and my maids said it was on just a few minutes before we arrived.
and today, the electricity went out again. and again, it went out about an hour after mom went to work. this afternoon, we (me and my sisters) went to the hospital with mom. me and mom went to the dentist and one of my sister went to the eye doctor. after that, we went to papa ron's pizza because today was our last day of holiday :( after eating dinner there, we went home. and again, about 10 minutes after we went home, the electricity went on!
what i meant was : the electricity went out moments after my mom left the house and went back on moments before/after mom arrived home.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy birthday dika!

last 25th of September 2009, dika (my freaky cousin) celebrated his 14th birthday (now we're the same age, dik. don't act like you're older). anyway, we went to waterbom pantai indak kapuk to celebrate his birthday. we played all of the slides (except for the straight speed slide. it was too crowded) and in the end we played water blaster and the dome. it was fun, actually hihi.
here are some of the photos of us swimming. unfortunately, we didn't take any photos when we were at the dome. taken by : janis (

(from left to right) : dio, sekar, adya, julian

that's me going down te slide :P

birthday boy!

janis and trista

okay, i looked VERY WEIRD!

this is us (minus a lot of other people) after swimming going to the dome.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i want ice but instead i got rice

oh God it's such a lame title -___- anyway, the meaning of my title is....................... here, i'll tell you.
so today i, mom, and my sisters are going to MTA to ice skate. we went from my sisters' music class at 3 p.m. when we arrived there at about 4 p.m. it was soooooooooooo packed with people. it's like an ocean of people with jackets -__- so, we decided to went ice skating next week and just hang out at the mall. my sisters went to timezone while i and mom went to ofcourse i ordered the with all 3 chocolatey toppings and my mom only ordered donuts. after that, we went back to timezone to check on my sisters. they were still playing so i joined them in playing virtual race cars lol. after that, me and my sisters made this picture of something using some sort of paint that'll dried after you put it in the oven and it was actually FUN! i know i'm childish mahaha. after that, we were extremely ultra starving. but, there was another problem. i wanna ate sushi, my first sister wanted to ate duck, and my second sister wanna ate pizza. because of this, my mom had to choose. so we ate at shabu tei and we would bought pizza on our way home. as for the ducks, we'll buy them next week :P after eating, we bought ice creams and pizzas then we went home.
that's my ruined-day-turned-to-great day story!

P.S. tomorrow morning i'll celebrate my cousins birthday at waterbom pik. gonna tell you about it tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the mad school

today, me and tasya ( chat. we were talking about school then we had the idea of making a story about the craziest school of all time. and here how the story goes.............. btw, it's in indonesian. sorry i'm too lazy to translate it into english :P

ada suatu sekolah namanya sekolah X. disekolah itu kan ceritanya gurunya sangat bersahabat. gurunya guru muda semua jadi gaul haha. umur gurunya 16 17an gitu lumayan buat cuci mata wakkaakakakakak. jadinya tumbuh cerita percintaan yang kuat antara guru dan murid akhirnya ngga jadi belajar malah pacaran terus guru sama murid dikelas haha. waktu pulang ada yang kepergok ciuman di kelas. eh kepala sekolahnya langsung ngeluarin gurunya. guru2nya diganti jadi yang umur 40an. Kagak ada yang NAPSU. eh ternyata guru barunya pedofil -____-. ancur deh sekolahnya. tapi kan anak2nya JENIUS jadinya nilai uannya 40 semua (atau 50 kalo ditambah 1) terus jadi sekolah terbaik. terus kepala sekolahnya mati kegirangan.
eh terus diganti sama kepsek yang muda dan ganteng. murid2 jatuh cinta. terus ternyata kepsek baru GAY!!! Oh my. tapi murid2nya ngga tau. mereka bikin battle arena gitu yang sampe tonjok2an yang terakhir ngga luka macarin kepseknya hahaha. yang menang ada BECKY!! Cewek sangar yang LESBI!! dia lesbi gitu kan jadi dia ngga mau macarin kepseknya tapi kepseknya kan homo jadi ya samasama ngga mau. Tapi demi temen2 becky akhirnya mereka pura2 supaya pertarungan itu tidak sia-sia. ternyata cewe2 itu tau kalo becky lesbi terus mereka marah akhirnya dia dilabrak. becky kan stress dilabrak satu sekolah jadi gila masuk rsj.
saking pusingnya sama anak2 sekolah itu ngga kuat mental akhirnya....................kepsek ganteng alias steve juga keluar. Terus2 becky dan kepsek steve (yang ganteng) bertemu kembali. terus mereka jadi normal terus samasama suka. Terus mereka akhirnya menikah. terus becky hamil muda. eh anaknya kembar!!! kembar perempuan sama laki-laki terus anaknya perfect gitu yang cewe cantik pinter baik yang cowo ganteng pinter baik. hahaha iya iya pokonya kehidupan mereka berdua perfect sementara cewe2 yang disekolah itu sengsara gara-gara semuanya dipindah kesekolah militer HAHAHA.


P.S. okay this is a very stupid story if you understand this language. but we had so much fun in making this story hihi. and btw, tasya came up with the name : becky hihi

Monday, September 21, 2009

lebaran denim fever

yesterday and today were lebaran day. so, i and my family (minus dad because he had a soft opening of his recreation park thingy in purwokerto) went to our other families house who had open house. today's lebaran clothes for me was very exciting and unusual because it's made from denim.
on the first day i wore this tunic like denim top with like some floral details on the top. not colorful floral but denim floral (yep, denim again). and on the second day, i wore a denim shirt like top but it's not the button down type. and the great thing was both of the tops weren't thick. so it was breezy and very comfy to wore to my families' houses.
unfortunately, my mom's office borrowed my camera so i can't take a picture of the top (well, it's not important, he) so i can't post it here ( i bet no one cares :P)
the point is, this lebaran has been denim-licious (OH GOD I'M SOOOOOOOO CHEEZY!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

happy eid mubarak!

sorry i'm not really good with these things hihi just wanna say happy eid mubarak to all of you who celebrate it today :D

the last sahur

a few days ago was the last sahur. because it's the last one in this year i decided to had sahur in mcdonald's. before sahur i didn't sleep at all because i just woke up at 2 p.m. haha i know i'm such a sleepyhead :P while waiting for sahur, i watched the 2nd season of heroes because my mom won't let me turned on the computer anymore -___- so i watched and watched the dvds until 3 a.m. then, i woke up my mom and we went to mcdonald's. we went to mcdonald's kemang because it's the nearest from our house. when we got there, i instantly went to the ordering table and ordered triple cheeseburger and french fries. not a healthy foods for sahur, eh? hihi. at first i wanted to ordered coffee from the mccafe but mom won't let me had coffee for sahur ugh so i ordered hot chocolate.
when we got to our table, i saw someone familiar across the room. it turned out to be kak tika, my friend from dance class, having sahur (i think) with her family (i think). we exchanged smiles and hellos and then we got back to our eating hehe.
well, we eat and eat until it's almost time for imsak. then we went home, i prayed subuh, then i slept until 12 p.m. hihi
overall, it's the best sahur this year :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

today is mom's lucky day

this afternoon i, mom, and my sisters went to pim. we were going to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousins there because my sisters are going to sleep over at their house. so we took off from our home at 4 p.m.-ish. it took us 2 hours to got there because of traffic and also we couldn't find a parking spot. when we arrived there we immediately went to chicken story because my cousins were there they're like obsessed wit cicken story hem. then we ate dinner and my sisters went wit my cousins.
after that, me and my mom went to the bookstore to buy teen vogue my favorite magazine hihi and i love teen vogue more because the cover is TAYLOR LAUTNER! gosh he's so hot i love him ♥ and when i'm about to pay, i say the o'bon pencils! o'bon pencils are pencils that are made from recycled newspaper so i bought it also hihi. after that, we went shopping for some clothes. and now, mom's luck began. we went in to one cute store and mom found a blue sheer country-ish dress that was ultra cute. she bought that. while i didn't find anything cute :( then we went into another store. i found the perfect top but they didn't have it in my size :( and i found this cute jumper but it's sleeveless and i'm looking for something with sleeves so i didn't bought it.
so i didn't bought any clothes only magazine and pencil and -__-
but it's still a great night because my sisters are not at home for a night! woo hoo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

this boring lebaran holiday

okay now i'm not gonna say much but THIS BEFORE LEBARAN HOLIDAY IS FREAKIN' BORING! i didn't go anywhere because i have to look out after my sisters because my maids already went home to their home towns and my mom and dad are still working until friday and the replacement maid only do te laundry, dishes, and oither household chores. and well, preparing breafast, lunch, and dinner for us also but most of her work are the house works. and almost all of my friends can't ang out with me because they already have pther plans or they are not allowed to go ny their parents -___-


Monday, September 14, 2009

bye bye maids :(

lebaran day is coming next week so all of my maids went home to their home town yesterday night. first person to went home was my lovely maid since I WAS A BABY, mba mar. she went home with her sister. when she took off from my house, i was kinda having a teary moment for a sec hihi. after mba mar, my lovely cook and washer, mba siti, went home. i think she went with her boyfriend because she's in such a hurry.
from that very moment, i officially became the momentary assistant or should i say maid to my mom because the replacement maid won't come until wednesday :( because of that, my mom decided to give me chores because she'll still be working until don't know when -_- the first thing i have to do is make up the bed and sweep the floor in the living room. even though that's it, i still think it's a lot of work to do. don't think that i'm a spoiled brat, people. i'm not. i'm just not used in doing this house works. if you ask me to paint something then i'll be happy to do it haha.
so today is the first day that my maids weren't here. this morning when i woke up, my mom was getting ready to went to work and decided to brought my sisters along. so i was alone by myself. before they took off ofcourse my mom said : don't forget to make up the bed dan" and i said "ya" then i went back to watching TV haha.
so i watched TV until about 1 p.m. then i made up the beds. but, when 7th heaven started, i paused my work and watched it hihi after the beds were made up, i went back to watching TV and relax until this afternoon.
that's the first day of my day without my lovely maids. now i know how much they had worked hard and i think i'll appreciate them more when they come back. hopefully they'll come back...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

what you've been missing

hey bloggie! sorry i haven't post in a very very long time. school has been crazy and oh God i wasn't in the mood for blogging, lately. but I'M BACK NOW! wuihi that means that i'll be posting every stories that i want to post starting from now. hihi
as i told you before, scholl has been crazy. homeworks every day, tests, assignment, you name it! it's like teachers don't give a tiny break. it's all school everyday. i'm sooooooo tired of school. and also bimbel gosh i'm not really excited to have bimbel but i have to so i can pass the uan gosh it's a lot of work, you know.
but luckily, it's already holiday now because we're near the idul fitri so finally i can relax a bit. oh no wait, i have mid term axams after the holiday -____________-
well, it doesn't matter now i'm gonna enjoy my holiday and relaxxxxxxxxx
catch up with you soon, bloggie!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

worst day in the whole year! (so far)

1. i forgot to bring the classes notes
2. i forgot to bring the books payment
3. i lost my English paper for about 15 minutes and it's the most miserable 15 minutes of my life
4. my school's gonna be accredited tomorrow so i, as the soon to be ex-student body president must help the school to prepared things
5. a lot of my friends didn't help because they're too busy online-ing things and chit-chat -..-
6. i walked from the computer lab to my class to the teacher's office about 10 times
7. i have to fill the empty info at the class' journal book
8. i'm so f**king tired and mad i threw my phone and it broke into 4 pieces
10. the teachers are driving me insane by asking me to do something else while i'm doing something else and there are a bunch of other kids that are doing completely nothing
11. my driver picked me up at 12.30 p.m. and i specifically said to him to pick me up at 2.
12. my Indonesian teacher always said to don't forget to bring the notes tomorrow every 5 FREAKING MINUTES. he's totally in my head now and can't get rid off my mind. damn!
13. there's something wrong with the Microsoft Word and Excel in my computer. i actually cried because i'm so tired and my body and hand's are hurting

i hope nothing bad will happened at dance class today and i'm still really mad and tired right now but i have to print the notes and bring it back to school and then go to dance lesson. geez, it's like i don't have rest time today